Boonie Mayfield – “Mile High State of Mind” ft. Giane Morris Vaughn revels in its creativeness!

Boonie Mayfield’s latest musical creation “Mile High State of Mind” ft. Giane Morris Vaughn defies traditional genre categorization. The fusion of hip-hop and rock elements results in a unique sound that highlights the artist’s versatile talent. Drawing inspiration from his songs “Dream a Mile High” and “Self Made Era”, from the BLACK FLOYD album, the track takes listeners on a journey that elevates their state of mind. Originally intended as a background beat for an animated fight scene featuring his Black Floyd characters (Mi, Moss Elf & Eye), Boonie repurposed the music to create the track “Mile High State of Mind”. The single includes a B-Side track, where Boonie basically, sampled himself from the A-Side song, and created another track called “B-Side (Peep the Wings)”.

For those still unfamiliar with this forward-thinking artist, Boonie Mayfield, also known as Boon Doc, is a multi-talented creative who has established himself as an independent recording artist, music producer, actor, filmmaker, and educator. Hailing from his hometown of Colorado Springs, CO, Boonie started his career as a rapper and gradually progressed to selling his self-produced beats. His online presence burgeoned when he became one of the first online beat-making video pioneers during the early days of YouTube.

Despite his initial success, Boonie refused to remain complacent and transitioned from his sample-based hip-hop style to a more eclectic sound. He accomplished this by teaching himself multiple instruments, gaining an in-depth understanding of music theory, and honing his craft. Boonie Mayfield’s genre-bending sound has garnered him a considerable following and cemented his position as a versatile and innovative artist in the music industry.

“Mile High State of Mind” ft. Giane Morris Vaughn is yet another demonstration of Boonie Mayfield’s continual search for a greater artistic reach. Sometimes, versatility can become a limitation of its own. Boonie has recorded in such a wide variety of musical styles that he’s always had an abundance of sonic aesthetics at his sapient fingertips. Hence you may think that he has some serious choices to make as far as what directions to pursue when he sits down to make new music.

Up until now, though, Boonie Mayfield’s hasn’t really bothered to do that. He’s been content to crisscross styles in an exercise of carefree genre-bending in any given song. Ultimately, Boonie revels in his own creativeness, but he also shows a knack for going right to the edge of experimentalism while at the same time maintaining a consistent thread to attract even mainstream listeners. A substantial portion of this theory, is present on “Mile High State of Mind” ft. Giane Morris Vaughn and the ingenious creation of its B-side, “B-Side (Peep the Wings)”

It takes a special kind of creative brashness to sample your own song, and make another, especially on the same project. But Boonie Mayfield is a special kind of artist, as his past accomplishments so clearly certify.  “Mile High State of Mind” ft. Giane Morris Vaughn slides in on a hypnotic bassline and a slow head-bobbing beat. Boonie’s vocals thrust through the mesmeric backdrop with force, as the song builds into a crushing wave of altered sonic states.

“Mile High State of Mind” runs through diverse sonic cycles and moods before succumbing to the operatic styled harmonies, which drive the track into the quintessence of aural euphoria. Part of the song’s appeal comes from just listening to Boonie Mayfield’s ideas roam free. Much like on some of his previous releases, Boonie draws from the wells of rock, hip-hop and experimentation, as he squeezes those influences into a startlingly linear flow that accommodates dazzling technical proficiency.


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