Maini: “I Fall To Pieces” – an ingenious mix rife with nuance

Like all of Maini recordings, “I Fall To Pieces” proves to be an extremely rewarding listen as its internal complexities unfold. The amount of detail to be found in the song is amazing. Due to Brandon Bujnowski’s ingenious mix, and Brian Lanese’s co-production with Orlando Mestre, the composition is rife with nuance. I particularly enjoyed their use of a wider palette of sounds, taken from rock to pop and techno, adding textures and atmospheres to the song like never before.

“I Fall To Pieces” is radically different from its predecessors, except for “Never Said Goodbye” which it resembles in shape, sound, and direction – as Orlando Mestre has built a complex song that is rhythmically evolved with exquisite drumming.

The single cover
The single cover

His sound is larger and more focused covering a broad spectrum of sound colors, enhancing the guitar solos as well as the strings. The instrumental version tends even further towards the progressive rock arena, with a harder feel.

As usual Maini once again shows that she is at the top of her game vocally. The song’s musical and lyrical thoughts are delivered in the clearest manner they could ever be, while at the same time capturing a universal celestial feeling that is a common thread throughout her entire body of work. A feeling not unlike that of the passing of the seasons – a promise of something forever constant, yet always changing in the most inexplicable ways.

I have always been able to relate to Maini’s music of the past, and it is even more pleasing to hear an expression in her music – written by Gary Cornman (Lyrics) and Orlando Mestre (Music) – that is new and equally heartfelt, yet also so familiar and relatable.

Anyone who has even the smallest scrap of emotion, or who knows even the slightest thing about music will have no problem appreciating this new track for what it is: A work of crossover art.

MORE ABOUT: Maini Sorri is a Swedish-Finnish singer, musician and songwriter living in Sweden who has composed music since she was 8 years old having emigrated from Finland to Sweden as a teenager. Maini has performed her original songs in concerts as well as on radio and TV.

She has studied piano, music theory and composing while her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts from Musikhögskolan in Örebro, Sweden, which is now known as the Faculty of Arts at Örebro University.



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