Lyndon Rivers: ‘I Wanna Be!’ – another example of stirring, lifting club music with lyrics designed to tease!

In today’s world of DJ’s becoming the new rock-stars, Lyndon Rivers seems set on working his way right up to the front. He’s just released another EDM single, ‘I Wanna Be!’ So, let’s take a look and see what it contains. Will it be business as usual in the land down under for Lyndon Rivers or will he pull a box of tricks and surprises out of the bag?

Firstly Lyndon throws in some pitched vocal chops that have become common in some dance-pop tracks these days, but it doesn’t feel played out on ‘I Wanna Be!’. Instead it catches you by surprise every time the vocal switches up pitch on the chorus line.

Following up Lyndon’s previously promoted single “Have You Ever” that was geared more towards radio play, ‘I Wanna Be!’ is much stronger and relies more on his own production capabilities and the soothing and versatile vocal loops to help steer the track towards the dance floor, radio or pool party. More the former than the latter!

Lyndon Rivers
Lyndon Rivers

The track should be a fun addition to those summer playlists that listeners have been burning through over the past few months. Hardcore electronica and casual listeners to club music will be taken with Lyndon Rivers’ brand of redefining huge pop-sounding tracks into breezy, highly addictive EDM numbers that one can dance along to all night long.

Borrowing a few tips from Avicii and David Guetta’s book of song composition, ‘I Wanna Be!’ is another example of stirring, lifting club music with lyrics designed to tease, empower and resonate before the dance-friendly and overly familiar chorus kicks in. How else would you describe the vocal line: “I want to be your super girl, let me fight for all your love.” It’s far better than some of the more recent genre-mirroring songs all about the booty.

Overall, if it’s not for your dance floor needs, and you are looking for something to lift you out of a crappy mood, I think giving ‘I Wanna Be!’ a good listen is a great option. It’s a cool song to play while driving around in any weather as well, because of its chill sound.

Another great thing about the song is that you can listen to it on repeat and it won’t get old, it just has great replay value because unlike other electronic songs which feature heavy grating beats, ‘I Wanna Be!’ is somewhat minimalist in comparison and is not overwhelming.

It won’t give you a headache or have you throwing off your headphones like Skrillex or Hardwell might sometimes do. Just watch out for the pitch shift in the vocals, it will try and catch you off guard throughout the song!


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