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Lynch: “No Justice (feat. D-Rev)” shines lyrically and production-wise

Lynch is 21-year-old-artist from Rhode Island. He is one of four artists in the hip hop group “DreamGate Entertainment” (DGE).  Lynch started rapping at 15 with his close friend Shibbs and they started the rap group DGE. Lynch is a lyrical and storytelling rapper and his style ranges from new school Trap to old school Boom Bap. He is influenced by artists such as J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Tupac Shakur. Lynch has opened for Kevin Gates and Chevy Woods August 2014.


Lynch recently dropped the single, “No Justice (feat. D-Rev)”, from his upcoming debut mixtape, “Nothing to Lose”, due out in late November. On the track, Lynch packs dense rhymes and lyricism, and fires them with an aggressive flow. You can not only hear his despair and anger – you can feel it!

The beat production provides an excellent contrast – a mellow piano and drum dominated undertone – to take the edge off Lynch’s verbal onslaught. To compose an accompaniment that appropriately matches Lynch’s unorthodox flow and quick-witted lyricism was probably no easy task, but perfectly accomplished by CYLAD. More importantly however, “No Justice (feat. D-Rev)” is a track that shows how a story can be told in music.

Lynch is one of the MC’s from the new generation of Hip-hop that brings respectable artistry to the game. For too long Hip-hop has been declining to that of mindless club music, laughable braggadocios or songs filled with over exaggerated and violent activities that do absolutely nothing for the culture as whole. Though Lynch is explicit in his lyrics and delivery, it is all in support of the song and not just to grab mass attention.

“No Justice (feat. D-Rev)” comes across as bold and confident. It shines lyrically and production-wise and will undoubtedly separate itself from the rest of the pack. To fully appreciate Lynch’s technical abilities, his vision and cohesiveness, we’ll need to await the entire work on his upcoming debut mixtape. In the meantime we can taste his talent with this single!


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