Luweezo Beats – “Take It Off” hits like a sexy hammer you can dance to!

Luweezo Beats is an independent artist originally from south Sudan, raised in Kenya, and then translocated to New Zealand. Luweezo is a one hundred percent do-it-yourself creator, who produces all his music, shoot his videos, mix and masters all his songs, and releases via the self-owned sud_waves inc imprint. He is also the CEO of Jna junubin Nation Award. Luweezo Beats is currently pushing his latest single entitled, “Take It Off”.

The new single is a top-flight blend of Afrobeat, Rap, Electro and Pop flavors, with Luweezo Beats at the peak of his powers and the rhythm as sharp as daggers. The interlocking bass and percussion stay on the same lane, while the synths surge around them.

Luweeza brilliant arrangement is full of unexpected gaps, blindsiding avalanches of rap verses, a hypnotic vocal hook, and manic energy. His baritone growl drips with groove, while he injects biting explicit bedroom talk into each line.

The verses grow increasingly frantic as the song progresses, building to Luweezo Beats’ wild and sexy commands. The brilliant drumming deserves a blurb to itself, as it accents so many parts of the beat, and without this technique, the song wouldn’t get to where it needs to go, which is directly to the dance-floor.

There aren’t many songs where even the drums alone are awesome, but this is one of them. A clattering pile of percussion pushes the tempo, which ushers in a series of staggering bass lines. The rest is left to Luweezo, who rides the beat with ease.

“Take It Off” hits like a sexy hammer you can dance to – perfect and absolutely essential. Sweet Afro beats infused dance tunes, do not get any better than this. The bass and drums are tough as rawhide and the lead vocal is a dirty, filthy, nasty delight.

There’s no sense beating about the bush: This song rips, with impacting rhythm, rampant raps, and mellifluous vocal hooks. The song’s banging undercarriage is like some sort of perpetual motion machine, and the track gains energy as it goes along, Luweezo Beats’ barking vocals piling up on top of twinkling synths.

Besides all the technicalities, “Take It Off” is comprised of enthusiasm. Well, enthusiasm and rhythm. Gobs of ecstatic, unstoppable rhythm, which is every bit as enthralling as the vocals. The groove is feisty and the playing rich in detail – it would be easy to simply imitate vintage Afro beats and come up with something halfway decent, but Luweezo Beats is the real deal, and brings a fresh blend to the table.

An urgent, propulsive beat designed to hold and release tension as needed, the song swaggers swiftly along for an economical three minutes and thirty three seconds. And by the time it’s over, you’ll be hoping there is a lot more coming from where this came.


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