Lunaris: “Elsewhere (A Glimpse into Elsewhere EP)” – a ‘big’ lush score with a slight taste of Dubstep influences

The Downtempo, “Elsewhere (A Glimpse into Elsewhere EP)” by Lunaris plays out like an epic, fantasy movie soundtrack. Underneath the eerie, sparse passages contained here, lies what is easily a most memorable and well-crafted piece of work. I say memorable not because it is “catchy” by any means, but because it leaves a sense of melancholy and sheer wonder driven up from the powerful dark soundscapes.

“Elsewhere (A Glimpse into Elsewhere EP)” encompasses the loneliness and beauty of space in a sweeping, emotional opening. Then we have the suspense passage that utilizes a great sense of creeping/rhythmic synthesized orchestration which builds into an unexpected crescendo and stringer to create a very unsuspecting and tense mood that all at once falls into a silent vacuum, before slowly rebuilding itself.

Lunaris elucidates the musical piece with the following verse of prose:

“The land of Elsewhere calls for us all,
she calls for us to swim through uncertain waters,
in order to greet you with her inviting shores
and magnificent, infinite mountains.
The land of Elsewhere calls for us all,
waiting for whoever seeks peace and progression.”

Throughout this body of work, Lunaris proves he is a master of musical development rather than just being a tunesmith. He also makes striking use of low-end frequencies to musically portray a landscape of anxiety and uncertainty. His synths are at times truly eerie and mysterious while at others they are chilling and foreboding. There is also innovative use made of percussive sounds within the fabric of the arrangement.

“Elsewhere (A Glimpse into Elsewhere EP)” gets a high rating due to the immense amount of production value and quality and for hitting all of the above points. If you are the kind of person that has a nice set of headphones or a stereo with full range, I am sure you will have a fixed grin and happy ears for quite some time. Lunaric creates whole worlds of sound to explore different atmospheres and textures. This is pretty far removed and more complex than anything I have heard from him previously.

A ‘big’ lush score with a slight taste of Dubstep influences, “Elsewhere (A Glimpse into Elsewhere EP)”,  is highly recommend for folks interested in electronic music with a movie soundtrack flavor, and for anyone just looking for original, inspired, passionate new music.


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