Luanne Hunt: ‘Texas Tears’ respects the great tradition of country music!

Throughout her illustrious career, Luanne Hunt, the award-winning singer-songwriter has built an impressive list of accomplishments, including scoring numerous No. 1 hits on Independent country music charts around the world. She is best known for her chart-topping single, ‘Christmas Without You’, which was named by Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, one of the top 25 Christmas songs of all-time. Hunt, who was also inducted into the Independent Superstars Country Music Hall of Fame, has been working hard at making quality music for twenty years.

Over the years, Hunt’s songs, including ‘Bluer Than the Bluegrass’ and  ‘I Don’t Bother Counting’, have been played on AM, FM, satellite and Internet stations around the world, often landing her on the charts. “Solace in The Wind”, reached U.S. and European Charts as well as landing on the 2009 Grammy ballot in two categories: Best Country Song and Best Female Country Performance.

The single cover
The single cover

Now once again Luanne Hunt is back with another hit song that has reached number No.1 on the European charts – the post-modern country tune, ‘Texas Tears’.

One listen to Luanne Hunt and you will not be able to take Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift seriously anymore. The ‘country music’ that they make is fake at best, but granted they know how to churn out good tunes. Luanne targets a different audience – one that knows it’s music, and one that respects the great tradition of country music. It’s an art that few have appreciated, and a genre that very few have been able to truly embrace.

I can safely say that Luanne shows on tracks like ‘Texas Tears’ that she knows what country is all about, as she is a great storyteller – which is at the very base of country music, even before the music starts. She reminds me of a female Hank Williams Sr. mixed with some Loretta Lynn. Her voice has a feel of “old country,” rather than the typical over-produced and mixed recordings of most of the female country artists today.

Introduce yourself to Luanne Hunt’s music, and you might just learn to appreciate what real country music is all about. In fact, if you listen to this album and then listen to Country on mainstream radio, you’ll realize the vast difference. Luanne is bringing country back, and is single-handedly giving back respect and dignity to a genre that has been overtaken by corporate mongers.

She is a special talent, gutsy, real, and somehow introspective too, so she is able to separate herself from the rest of the country female pack. She’s exactly what country radio needs to not only continuously appeal to their current audience, but to break the stereotypes and appeal to new audiences in order to push involvement.

Compared to her previous releases, ‘Texas Tears’ offers the same, if not better, maturity of writing, authenticity, excellence and independence in style and total performance.  If you like real country music and if you liked any of Luanne Hunt’s previous works, you will really love this single!


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