Love in Sedona Strikes Again: Gianluca Zanna & Claudette Lyons Drop ‘Just Let It Go’

In the kingdom of electronic dance music, the magnetic collaboration between Gianluca Zanna, an Italian-born American songwriter and music producer, and the captivating artist and singer Claudette Lyons, materializes as the compelling force behind the entrancing duo known as Love in Sedona. Their origin story, a serendipitous intersection orchestrated by the virtual fabric of fate on Facebook, burgeoned in the early throes of 2023. Their union, ignited by an impassioned love for music, transpired despite a mere three-hour proximity nestled within the picturesque expanses of Sedona, Arizona. Yet, it sparked an extraordinary odyssey—an exploration not solely of musical realms but an amalgamation of profound creative synergy and genuine affection.

Their collaborative voyage, marked by the inception of evocative tunes, embodies a fusion of ethereal melodies intricately woven with the profound influence drawn from their shared profession as hypnotherapists. Each sonic creation forged by Love in Sedona encapsulates indelible, infectious harmonies entwined with empowering lyrics, meticulously crafted upon hypnotic sequences aimed at fortifying and elevating their audience.

The duo’s inaugural triumph, “Love in Sedona,” released in June 2023, stood as an ode to their narrative, a vibrant electronic dance anthem seamlessly interwoven with authentic ambient sounds sourced from Sedona’s captivating essence. The deft touch of multiplatinum music producer Brian Reeves at the mixing helm elevated its allure, propelling the numbers of it’s streaming momentum within a scant few weeks of its unveiling.

Subsequently, Gianluca Zanna and Claudette Lyons unveiled the poignant single, “We Are Our Thoughts.” Within this composition, the musical virtuosity of the duo radiated brilliantly, augmented by Andrei Murariu’s deft arrangement skills and Brian Reeves’ masterful touch in refining the track to flawless excellence, all under Gianluca Zanna’s production.

Now the duo, Love in Sedona resurfaces anew with their mid-tempo Electro-Pop track, “Just Let It Go.” Right from its onset, the evolution in sound becomes palpable. The robust and resonating bass line harmoniously intertwines with Claudette Lyons’ sultry vocals, elevating the exquisite melody. Once more, Gianluca Zanna orchestrates a mesmerizing production, propelling the track forward with pulsating chord progressions and skittering percussion across its sonic tapestry.

The duo’s adeptness in fashioning ear-catching melodies, composing relatable lyrics, and constructing hypnotic rhythms finds its apex in “Just Let It Go.” Once again, Andrei Murariu’s arranging skills and Brian Reeves’ mastering under Gianluca Zanna’s production for accentuate the track’s immaculate brilliance.

“Just Let It Go” by Gianluca Zanna & Claudette Lyons is an EDM/Pop anthem advocating liberation from stress and tension. Its repetitive yet affirming lyrics, layered over a pulsating beat, construct an immersive experience meant to inspire relaxation and freedom.

The song’s simplicity in its reiterated phrases like “hey hey just let it go” and “hey hey just let it flow” functions as a mantra, coaxing listeners to shed their burdens and embrace a carefree demeanor. This repetition intensifies the song’s message, embedding it into the listener’s consciousness, creating an almost hypnotic effect.

The verses poignantly underscore the potency of letting go, depicting a world transfigured by this act. Lines such as “Now is your time to live, let your tension disappear” and “The more you relax, the more you live” underscore the transformative essence of relaxation and its potential to enrich one’s life. The use of “lalalalalalala” further amplifies a sense of serenity and ease, inviting the audience to partake in and relish the liberation advocated in the song.

While lyrically straightforward, the song’s potency lies in its repetition and the uplifting message it imparts. It stands as an anthem for those seeking solace amidst life’s trials, offering a sonic refuge and a reminder of the potency inherent in letting go.

In essence, “Just Let It Go” emerges as an EDM/Pop creation with a lucid and empowering message reverberating through its uplifting lyrics and vibrant musicality. It serves as a clarion call to embrace relaxation and the inherent power of letting go, fostering a path towards a more enriching existence.


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