Leonard Damron – “Jesus Is My Rock” ft. Carl Lewis – a full-blown outburst of passion!

Ever humble, musician, composer and producer, Leonard Damron is creating an indelible legacy with each note and word on his records. True to form, his latest single, “Jesus Is My Rock” ft. Carl Lewis, sets the standard for meaningful worship & praise rock-styled music, as it truly raises the bar for the genre. Each line and phrase is intentional, without a measure wasted. Seriously, this track is penetrating because it takes a hard and honest look at how we should lean on our faith when in need. In many respects, the song is more than just a good single; it’s an indispensable record as far as bringing the church, faith, and Jesus back into the central focus of our lives is concerned.

Leonard Damron

It’s interesting to note that Leonard Damron wrote the chorus for “Jesus Is My Rock” ft. Carl Lewis, in 2011. He fell in love with the melody and the words, which as usual, came directly from his soul. He reached out to Carl Lewis with the conviction that he would sound great singing the song.

The two often collaborated via Leonard’s poetry associated with his songs. He would start with the poetry, and Carl would sing the choruses. “Jesus Is My Rock”, would be the last song the two would do together at Leonard Damron’s Poetry, Jazz, and Gospel concerts all around Birmingham, Alabama.

“Jesus Is My Rock” ft. Carl Lewis has since evolved into a full rock-styled Gospel song, with bleeding electric guitars and a superbly executed lead vocal by Carl Lewis.  The song’s winsome point lies in its well-crafted hook-laden melody, which Leonard Damron penned with eloquence.  Fans also will not be able to get enough of Carl Lewis’ full-blown outburst of passion and far-reaching vocal range, which awash with highly resonant tones.

Flourished by a superior melody, this worship piece is Leonard Damron heartfelt cry for us to get our priorities in order. “Can you give him all of your life? That wonderful name, Jesus Christ. He lifts me up when I’m down. Gotta spread this good news all around,” exclaims Carl Lewis, as he unfolds the narrative. Framed in the context of a personal narrative, the song details the sovereignty and the pursue of Jesus, in ways that are visceral as well as profound.

Leonard Damron

Leonard Damron has had a storied and prolific music career thus far, but “Jesus Is My Rock” ft. Carl Lewis has to be one of his best projects. To put it bluntly, with this song, Leonard has written a piece that is primarily radio friendly and accessible to the average person, but all the while carefully crafting music and words that are emotive and poignant.

If the song touches a single person’s life, then Leonard Damron has certainly served his purpose, as he challenges the listener to look beyond themselves and towards the One whose name will last forever.

“Jesus Is My Rock” ft. Carl Lewis reminds us that in this dark world when we do not know how, or what, to do, we can also still reach out to Jesus. It is often hard to put into words the actions of Jesus inside of us and to describe His nature, but Leonard Damron and Carl Lewis have achieved that effortlessly here.

Moreover, the powerful rock sound and the aching, soaring guitars drive the message home perfectly. The biggest surprise of all, is that this is actually a live recording, which further elevates the success if its sublime execution.

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