King Ace The Great One is getting ready to drop the “Apply Pressure Part Two” album

King Ace The Great One is a 27-year-old rapper and singer hailing from Pasadena, California, who has recently made the move to Federal Way, Washington. With a decade of experience in the music industry, King Ace got his start singing bass in his youth choir before making a name for himself as a rapper in 2017. He counts Young Jeezy, Ace Hood, Lil Wayne, Nas, KRS One, and Rakim among his musical influences, and he’s known for his storytelling and ability to share the knowledge he’s gained from his own experiences and the advice of his elders.

King Ace The Great One’s latest album, “Apply Pressure Part Two,” is a follow-up to his EP, “Apply Pressure Part One.” The title reflects his desire to make a name for himself in the industry and show off his versatility as a recording artist. With this album, he’s ready to force his sound into the ears of the world and leave a lasting impression.

King Ace The Great One’s has a concert scheduled for 02/20 in Los Angeles, followed by the album release on 02/23. Tickets for the LA concert are sold out, but the next show will be in Seattle, Washington on 04/30/2023. So while patiently attend the release of “Apply Pressure Part Two,” we ran through the artist’s current playlist to hear what all the fuss and hype is about. King Ace The Great One is probably the most underrated rapper in the game right now. The good news is that his underrated status allows him to go hard in the music that he makes.

With that being said, King Ace The Great One sounds like a dude that has embraced his growth and wants to be great. Rapping-wise, he puts up near-flawless performances on his tracks, which can be witnessed on the EP, “Apply Pressure Part One,” as well as successive releases such as “The Heat” and “DJ Play My Music”. The flows that he gifts us with are impressive, the energy he raps with is impeccable, and the punchlines he dishes out are sneaky good. What makes his rapping performance special on is the lyrical content he delivers.

Throughout his catalog, King Ace The Great One tackles topics we can all relate to such as self-growth, hard work, the hustle, the money, and the love and lust we all desire. He also challenges his competition in every kind of way, reminding them that he’s that dude.

flows, the energy, the competitive fervor, the thoughtfulness, the punchlines, the hard-hitting beats, and both the smart and wise words that power his songs, make them great.  King Ace The Great One’s ability to switch between gritty rapper and legit tunesmith is also effortless.

Moreover, King Ace The Great One’s releases are all top tier, in that they feature super high-quality music over and above the high-quality bars. His best songs combine fresh backgrounds with the lyrical material that is close to his heart. Based on these essential elements, there can be no doubt that “Apply Pressure Part Two,” will resonate with hip-hop fans all over the globe. King Ace The Great One is a grinder. He is climbing the hustle narrative thread quickly, and he may finally be reaching the heights he so obviously aspires to on his upcoming album, “Apply Pressure Part Two.” Start tracking down your copy now!


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