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KERMAN: “Jaia!” blends ska and punk into a mind-blowing debut album!

KERMAN is a band that plays within the genres of rock, punk, ska and reggae. Formed in Madrid (SPAIN) in the summer of 2015 and made up of Mario on drums and vocals, Alvarito on bass and vocals, and Kerman on vocals and guitar, they released their first album, “Jaia!” in December 2015.

KERMAN-300“Jaia!” is a pretty impressive album. It has a great sound which mixes punk riffs with a strong horn section.  KERMAN has set themselves aside from all the other trendy ska bands with this release. The horn riffs are the most addicting lines of music I have ever heard, along with the lyrics and guitar KERMAN has become one of the most catchy ska groups around! These guys have got it right. Now everyone else has to catch up!

KERMAN has successfully blended several musical genres into a mind-blowing album. Stand out tracks include “Una jarra de cerveza,” which starts off with an almost two-tone ska sound and climaxes with some polka-ska. “Disfrutón” is a high energy and most exciting tune to listen to. Other standouts include “Los Castros de Cantabria,” “Jaia!,” and “Vida en tensión.” Another plus is the fact that these guys are a talented bunch of musicians. Their horn section is tight, and their rhythm section is insane.

The horn and drums are amazingly in sync with the vocals and everything just seems to sound smooth and flawless. The album is just plain perfect from start to finish. Every song on here will have you hooked and wanting more. Though they don’t use them on every track, this is a ska band whose horns don’t sound like crap. It seems nowadays that 1 out of 5 ska bands have any actual talent, and KERMAN is one of those.

KERMAN-BANDThe album flows together seamlessly, and the production value is amazing. Anybody who is a fan of ska or punk will like this album. KERMAN take their style of mashing up different genres to a whole new level, but what really sets this one apart from a lot of ska albums is the pro quality of the songwriting. Truly, few debut albums are as complete and fulfilling as this one; most of the time they are mere indications of a bands coming glory. Not the case of “Jaia!”. This debut album is truly a fun-loving ska-punk masterpiece.

In addition to the great raspy fronting vocals, the prominent guitar, and the phenomenal bass guitar work, this album adds in a great drummer and solid horn work. The rich, deep throb of the horns on the opening track, Una jarra de cerveza” gets this awesome album underway with the fast-paced vocal stylings and a shake-your-fist-in-the-air chorus. I know it’s hard to get past that first song because it’s so awesome, but keep just going, it gets better and better!


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