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Kae-9: “Malted” – bringing together substance and catchiness!

Regulate Records artist, Kae-9 hails from the streets of Fresno, CA. Like most people in Fresno he is seeking a way out of the inner city slums. His sound is that of Southern fried raps mixed with West Coast swag. His talents range from computer musician to graffiti artist.


The rap game has seen a lot of changes in the last ten years, mostly good but with some perhaps not so good and others extremely bad. While the period’s greatest evolutionary changes for hip-hop arguably occurred from 2010 to 2015. Now, Kae-9 sets his sight on making a huge impact with his EP “Malted”, while he poises himself to do more great things with musical assets firmly rooted in skilled street lyricism and respect given to the groundwork laid by rap’s legendary veterans.

Big, bad and beautiful, “Malted” has everything fans would want from a prized hip-hop recording. Kae-9 flourishes in his role as one of Fresno’s, street poets, making the EP a breathtakingly engulfing rap experience. He goes above and beyond with his verses, while the production, likewise, makes for a very rich, full product.

Not one to betray his roots, Kae-9 essentially shares personal notes, experiences and short stories with nostalgia and excitement, on the tracks “I See Em”, “Kitchen”, “Hit A Lick” (ft. Demost), and “Pray”, as he raps with confidence and skill. At various times, he gets rowdy and has some fun while other parts reveal the burdens of his troubled half.


“Malted” is a true hip-hop celebration, bringing together substance and catchiness. Production, lyrics, and the thematics of the EP are on an elite level. Track transitioning is nearly flawless and not much seems out of place. Kae-9 came out hungry and shows up on this recording. Specifically on “Hit A Lick” (ft. Demost), and “Pray”, where Kae-9 is at his best. His voice and clear delivery commands attention. If this is just the beginning for Kae-9, he can look forward to a bright future in the music world.

Unlike a lot of much-hyped releases, “Malted” is an all-around-performer. Every track is good, and they’ll be sure to keep your speakers straining for months. The West returns, looking straight ahead, with a new face on the block. Now you can say goodbye to all the cabbage patch music that the East Coast to the West Coast radio stations have been forced to play on the radio for the last couple of years!


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