Jehry Robinson: “Monday Night Raw” – packs significant punch, both in motivation and craft

Born in Long Island New York, Jehry Robinson is a major label song writer and producer turned artist. He just released his debut self-titled 3 part album. “Monday Night Raw” is the first single and video off the album. How bad can someone’s descent into drug addiction become? It not only can rob you of your life, but it can scramble you brain so badly that you begin to behave badly.

Your life goes down the drain and so does relationships on account of this. But by seeking help you can overcome the problem and set your life straight and consequently also the lives of others that surround you.These are problems that Jehry Robinson tackles head-on in “Monday Night Raw”. The theme is evident in the song and carried over perfectly in the video clip.

Jehry Robinson
Jehry Robinson

There are a lot of people in the world under the influence of an illegal substance and this song seems to be dedicated to anyone in the process of losing control to addiction. This isn’t a song meant to scorch the roofs of clubs, it feels too personal, like a drug-induced confession, Robinson’s introspective stream-of-consciousness reveals two distorting realities, one full of celebration and the other haunted by destruction.

The hazy production is entrancing, Jehry sounds both lively and sinking into despair, counting the blessings and naming the demons, filling each verse with layers of a rambunctious lifestyle destined to self-destruct without the needed help. I couldn’t get enough, playing it again and again feeling partially guilty that one man’s passionate plight to communicate a problem could be such a great song.

Jehry Robinson adopts a brooding, interior tone, unusual for a musical landscape laden with brazen celebration and extroversion. Shining the light on the depths of his mind, Jehry hits a darker chord, uncovering the tragedies that lay hidden behind addiction.

His strong writing and rapping skills are made evident here. His message packs significant punch, both in the motivations behind it, and the craft in which he delivers his continued desire to make music for the sake of artistry and catharsis.

He is ably supported by a superb, soulful vocal track courtesy of Carrie Wicks that helps gel the entire process. Her voice adds a certain authenticity to the storyline in both the song and video clip.

In a time when mediocrity is seen as a norm and widely accepted as music, “Monday Night Raw” is a clear up-setter of such a trend. Jehry Robinson takes the art of rapping seriously.


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