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“Indian’s Caprice” is a track that explores all areas of Lorenzo Bazzoni’s skillset

Italian composer Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, used to fiercely staking out a very distinctive musical space of his own, here on his latest video single, “Indian’s Caprice” his letting his classical influences flood into the arrangement, yet managing to retain all the sonic power his music has ever had, and adding extra emotional impact to boot. Bazzoni’s signature crescendos makes for a heart-rending experience at points, while the song structure and dynamics feel familiar.

The song opens with grandiose, uplifting and epic vibes, built on heavy percussion and rollercoaster orchestrations. It sounds like a quintessential Lorenzo Bazzoni track, as if the composer is taking influence from himself but still creating a fresh and original song. The track really grows into a magnificent beast however: the keys become more melodic, the instrumentation much more pervasive, and the tempos ever changing.

This is the true beauty of Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni; he takes you on an entire journey in this eight-minute song without a single lyric sung. “Indian’s Caprice” is a track that explores all areas of Lorenzo Bazzoni’s skillset, utilizing what sounds like a full orchestra to create a totally kinetic track. This has the perfect mix of sheer musicianship and talent, as well as chaotic bombast.

Quietly and steadily, Lorenzo Bazzoni has evolved into one of the most consistent and prolific artists of his kind. The tempestuous swings from deceptive tranquility to beautiful brutality that has been staking out the Italian composer’s corner of the electronically induced progressive rock realm, keeps steering him ahead. Sometimes he is more classically orientated, while at others he pushes the rock bombast to the fore.

On “Indian’s Caprice”, Lorenzo Bazzoni is firing on all cylinders in the same uncompromising manner that he has always done. This is a project, with everything that his most loyal and ardent fans, would expect to hear from him. “Indian’s Caprice” is a record that requires your unrequited attention to fully appreciate the composer’s grandiose blend of sounds that creates a colorful kaleidoscope. One cannot help but be struck by the way the Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni maintains his status of composing brilliance with such stunning ease on each new release.

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