Hookdiggy: “Make It Work” – tackles another taboo subject for streetwise rappers!

Just how do you measure Hookdiggy’s status in the rap game? Hookdiggy has worked with Hilton “Deuce” Wright II, a record producer and songwriter from Detroit, MI, who has created music for some of today’s top urban pop artists including: Big Sean, Mike Posner, Lil Twist, Drake, Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco and many more. Hookdiggy has also worked with artists Redman and Melanie Rutherford on the single “A Lil’ Bit” from Method Man and Redman’s Blackout 2 album. Get the measure of Hookdiggy now?

Drawing from his musical beginnings singing, playing piano and drums, Hookdiggy takes hip-hop back to its core – thoughtful, upbeat lyrics driven by steady, danceable rhythms. In short, Hookdiggy blends pure old school ethics with modern-day accessibility. He successfully achieved this on “Good Music” and then on its follow-up “Wind Out”.


Now Hookdiggy is back with a brand new track, entitled “Make It Work”. If You like Hip Hop about cars, money and hoes, look elsewhere but if you like intelligent Hip Hop with a thought behind it, look no further. Hookdiggy is not trying to prove any street credibility. Instead he lets his lyrics do the talking. He belongs to that exclusive group of rappers that don’t want to sell records because of image but cause of what they talk about. And here Hookdiggy talks about love for his woman. Another taboo subject for streetwise rappers!

In “Make It Work”, Hookdiggy talks about “what it would be like to find that ‘one’, settle down, and make it work.” Right from the opening bars, the gloves are off and it’s evident that Hookdiggy is on a mission. The content and the substance, suggests an artist who’s committed to quality to its fullest extent. He shows off some wicked wordplay, while keeping his vocal overtones melodic and comfortable. Under the hood, the track is fired up by an Adrenalin-pumping, piano-driven arrangement, garnished with a cool vocal hook and some choral interludes. The track also serves as a subliminal message to Hip hop to speak about something positive and more important than its usual superficial ignorance.

Regardless of whether or not you are an aficionado of rap music, if you are looking for someone that promotes heartfelt intelligence on a higher plane of artistic expression, something that captivates the mind and impassions the soul, then you are sure to appreciate “Make It Work” by Hookdiggy.

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