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Hella Donna: “Gimme Lights, Camera, Action” -It’s Not a Song, It’s an Anthem!

Hella Donna is a Germany-based pop project. The band had a brief hiatus in 2010 but were back together as early as Spring 2011 with Anika Karabas (successor to the former front-woman Cindy Leißner) and her four fellow musicians Sven Hessel (Guitar), René Voigt (Bass), Lars Henrik Lincke (Keys) and Christian Scherff (Drums, Backing vocals).

Their latest single release, “Gimme Lights, Camera, Action” was made with the cooperation of Grammy-Award winner Philip Larsen (who has done work for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and more) and was nominated for the “Hollywood Music in Media Awards”. It also received extensive radio coverage along with major cable TV networks MTV Music 24 and rotation on IM1.

The track which has been released in diverse remixes, including a Philip Larsen Radio Edit and Club Mix. A PITCHEDsenses Club Mix and an Instrumental Dub Mix, also benefits from collaboration with U.S. indie rapper None Like Joshua (NLJ).

“Gimme Lights, Camera, Action” is a force to be reckoned with because it is, like any successful pop record, to the point. It balances an intercontinental seesaw— U.S. indie rapper None Like Joshua on one end, Danish remixer Philip Larsen and Germany’s Hella Donna  on the other—atop a fulcrum of professional growth, and, above all, pure pop pleasure.

Amidst all of the single’s technical going doings, the quintessential expression of Anika Karabas’ femme flair, comes shining through, giving the single that sensual luster which completes the motivational, inspirational, and emotional requisites necessary to capture the imagination of the masses.

Without a doubt, Hella Donna have produced another terrific single. The music is so easy to listen to on multiple levels – sweet lyrics, a beat to make you dance, and a melody to make you whistle or sing along, while NLJ’s rap also adds some modern ‘hip’ to the mix.

“Gimme Lights, Camera, Action” will positively boost your day. It’s not a song, it’s an anthem. And is just a sample of the fantastic pop artistry Hella Donna are capable of!

If you love groovy power-pop music, then definitely grab this. It’s a top quality production and a great keepsake too!

About Hella Donna

Hella Donna has existed in various incarnations since their inception in 2003 and debut single ‘Hometown Radio’ in 2005. They have received extensive airplay throughout Germany and following the release of the second single ‘Not The Cure’ from their third album ‘Groove On’ they achieved a significant breakthrough.

The success of ‘Not The Cure’ led to acknowledgements at the German Rock and Pop Awards in 2012 and 2013. Hella Donna was one of the big winners. After 6 nominations in two years there were three initial placings for “Not the Cure” as “Single of the Year in 2013” and for “Groove on”: “Best Producer of 2012 and “Best Cover 2012″.

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