“Future” the new single by Er Biacco – One of the most appreciated rock and roll guitarists in the Italian underground

“The future is just a mental island. What matters is the here and now. We are like candles in the wind that never go out. It is up to us to find the right position to warm ourselves and those around us. This in my opinion is the true essence of Rock and roll”.

This song is truly a bomb where punk-blues and rock and roll merge with skill and fluidity. Er Biacco is a rock and roll guitarist very appreciated in the Italian music scene. He plays and composes with important bands such as Toni Crimine (Italian cult punk band) and The Cabin Fevers (quality southern rock) and Capt Crunch and the Bunch (garage beat band).

In the single “Future” we can appreciate a nice mix of his musical tastes. From English Punk to the Damned, to rock and roll, to the Stones, and from the Stooges to Izzy Stradlin. Truly an excellent single.


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