Future Prophecy – “CROSSOVER” – heavenly sonic tapestries!

“CROSS ЯƎVO” is an album of healing electronic-based music meant to soothe the mind and the soul. This New Age and ambient gem, encompasses eight tracks of meditative, yet uplifting and inspiring sounds. Shimmering synths and warm resonant pianos, play though waves of atmospheric pads and flourishes of harmonious voices. All written and produced by software engineer and passionate electronic composer Haggai Elezra via his Future Prophecy project, which has been building credibility in the electronic music world since 1995.

The new “CROSS ЯƎVO” album speaks through time and space, deep into the senses of the spiritual, the sublime and the metaphysical. The music is made from the synthetic, but flows organically, creating sounds, textures and rhythms that connect beyond our own perceptions, deep-diving into the ether of dreamlike states.

Future Prophecy gives us eight, expansive tracks to find some peace and well-being in. Improvised states of mind turned into epic travels into a kind of inner space monologue with our senses. “CROSS ЯƎVO” is a gorgeously profound submersion into Future Prophecy’s world of transcendent synth music.

The opening track “If I”, is the doorway into Future Prophecy and the “Crossover” world, made up of all warm and melting notes, and a connective, ethereal vocal flow that moves you along gently but steadily. The title track “Crossover” follows with a real uplift sort of vibe. There’s a soothing, healing and regenerative mood here.

With headphones on, you can feel the music cascading down over you like circuital waves of sound. It’s a transportive song that builds and expands to engulf your senses with music, choral-like vocals and the spoken word. This eventually melds into “Run Away”, a dark and mysterious world of sound and visceral emotion.

There’s a floating quality on “Mikol Ha’ahavot” (Instrumental), as if some galactic entity is making its way through a brightly lit universe. It’s a heady sound world that unfolds, revealing enlightenment through sound and electronic sway. The soundscape subsequently morphs into “Indra” (Oriental), which is populated with ethnic sounds and voices, offering a symphony of emotive, electronic transcendence.

By the time “The Night of Your Return” unwinds into a slow mesmerizing epiphany of sweeping orchestrations, Future Prophecy has the listener totally engaged within his musical narrative. “The Next is Silence” is a definitive wave of positivity and light. A soulful and steely track for the mindful traveler and inquisitive soul-searcher, driven by pro-active percussion and a rich wall of strings.

“Liberty” ups both the rhythmic and energetic ante. The bass sequences steadily become more muscular and dense, as the floating textures and melodies ease in and out of the panoramic fabric. By the apex of the piece the listener is caressed by prosperous flowing waves of sound, before the arrangement breaks down and fades out on a dominating piano motif.

All throughout “CROSS ЯƎVO”, Future Prophecy’s heavenly sonic tapestries will weave themselves into the very core of your being and many elements will leave you speechless. Haggai Elezra aka Future Prophecy is at his best in this release and shows his mastery at building an atmosphere, and a sonic world you can live inside and experience in many ways.

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