Father Philis – “Bajan Juck Down (Zess Heavy Riddim)” is designed to reel the listener all the way in!

Born in New York and raised in Barbados, recording artist Father Philis has been making waves with his smash singles, “Face Beat (Sweet Girl)” and “Brawling” which certainly do not hold back on the lyrical content. The song “Face Beat (Sweet Girl)” is a dancehall-style track that features lyrics focused on the female form and its ability to dance and entice. The song is a mix of English and Bajan (Barbadian) dialects, highlighting the unique cultural and linguistic elements that make the song stand out together with its hip-swaying beat.

The opening lines of the song set the tone for the rest of the lyrics, Father Philis describing a woman’s flawless “face beat” and her ability to move her body in a dance called “wukkup.”  The song then proceeds to describe the physical attributes of the woman, including her “boxy cheeks” and “ass thick thick.” The chorus repeats the phrase “face beat so sweet no flaws” and adds the desire to “wukkup” in the woman’s “jaws,” which can be interpreted as a reference to oral sex.

On the hand, the track “Brawlin”, is a rhythmic and quick-paced anthem that centers on the themes of sexuality and partying. The lyrics revolve around a woman, Boxcy, who is described as being attractive and sexually appealing to the narrator.

The song is characterized by repetitive lines and a steady beat that is reminiscent of a dancehall party. The track opens with the repeated phrase “Boxcy look brawlin’ cawlen” which seems to refer to the way Boxcy looks while dancing. The phrase is repeated throughout the song, creating a catchy and repetitive hook that is meant to get listeners moving and dancing.

The lyrics also touch on the idea of Boxcy being “ripe,” which is a common term in Jamaican culture to describe a woman who is attractive and ready for sexual activity. The narrator also talks about wanting to “bite that,” which further emphasizes the sexual nature of the song.

All of which brings us to the latest track from Father Philis, entitled “Bajan Juck Down (Zess Heavy Riddim)”. The song features lyrics that are heavily rooted in Caribbean creole and showcase a playful and energetic style of music. The lyrics revolve around the theme of confidence and self-assurance, specifically aimed at the women who know they are attractive and not afraid to show it.

The chorus of “Bajan Juck Down (Zess Heavy Riddim)”, “Juck down cawwblen girl not a back ain’t straight/Tights wahn buss cause yuh packing weight,” celebrates the curves of a confident woman, encouraging her to show off her figure and embrace her natural beauty. Father Philis is fluid in his flow as his voice effortlessly dances around the beat. The stripped-down riddim fits the vibe perfectly, leaving plenty of space for Father Philis to execute his witty wordplay and tongue twisting verbiage. Produced by Don Writa, “Bajan Juck Down (Zess Heavy Riddim)”, is overflowing with infectious motifs.

“Bajan Juck Down (Zess Heavy Riddim)” is a musical gem, which we might as well label a diamond in the rough. It’s a groovy, steady and very well composed riddim. Once having heard Father Philis’ range of vocal techniques and the vivid lyrical content of this song, it’s obvious that this tune won’t leave you indifferent. In fact, this song is designed to reel the listener all the way in.


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