Dylan Tauber – “The Lagoon” a blissful constellation of melodies, complete with beautiful vocals and sweeping sonics

Dylan Tauber has been a master of his craft for the better part of two-and-a-half decades. Renowned as an award winning electronic musician, cyber artist, photographer, and author, Dylan graduated from Columbia University in 1996, and has been based, in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the southwestern Pacific, and currently a kibbutz in northern Israel where he is Artist-in-Residence. Through the years, Dylan has both refined and expanded his modes of production. His latest and 15th album, “The Lagoon”, is a true masterpiece. Throughout twelve dynamic, yet hyper-reflexive and cleanly mastered tracks, Dylan Tauber takes listeners on a journey into sound dimensions that are awash with throbbing percussion, pulsating basslines, sweeping synths and infectious melodies, dripping with infectiously mellifluous female vocals.

At times propulsive and unrelenting, at others sweet and inviting, but always enchantingly hypnotic, Dylan Tauber welcomes listeners into the Island-inspired musical setting with grace and intellect. In the process, Dylan proves himself a true sonic shaman as he takes the audience through the peaks and valleys of vibe-inducing music. One cannot help but be forced into mindful reflection and conjured-up imagery.

The album represents a collection of sonic portraits bent on forcing the subject to move from the mind, through the body, and into the soul. “The Lagoon” is certainly equipped to drive a strong desire for the dancefloor, with its powerful rhythms, but it never depends on mindless four-to-the floor soundscapes to do so. Instead, Dylan Tauber delivers a series of fully nuanced arrangements satisfying a complete sensorial experience.

If your dreams are laced with the sounds of electronica, if your heart beats to a solid EDM groove, and if you long for sultry melodic voices, you will love “The Lagoon”, and you will adore it from the opening track, “Please Stay”, which immediately showcases the mesmerizing aforementioned elements. “Dance For You” confirms the captivating formula with tropical essentials thrown in for enhanced listening pleasure, while “Cyber Spirit” adds a grinding synthline into the mix for more urgency.

Holding back on the hard drums, Dylan Tauber makes “Walk With Me” a melodic introduction to the heavy bass and skittering hi-hats that drives the song’s momentum, which eventually gives way to the thumping dancefloor anthem, “Immortal” ft. Anastasia Derkach.

This latter track has a rich layer of embellishing harmonies, which are irresistible to the ear. “Don’t Let Go” ft. Mona Roselianne, treads similarly delicious sonic ground, making for a very pleasurable dance groove, and a highly infectious melody.

Substrates and melodies are constantly evolving throughout this album, keeping things fresh at every step. Mellifluous in its sound but relentless in its motion, the title track, “The Lagoon” ft. Anastasia Derkach has immersive frequencies, and perfect builds, while “I Am Your Angel” ft. Anastasia Derkach, blends atmospheric layers and oscillating vocal melodies into a percolating, simmering soundscape.

Dylan Tauber amalgamates a thumping beat, shimmering synths, and transcendent vocals into a gleaming, alluring, and beguiling sonic picture on “Heaven On Earth” ft. Mona Roselianne. The throbbing momentum of the album is perfectly maintained on “Hold My Hand” ft. Mona Roselianne, before Dylan Tauber subtly switches it down a notch, on the instrumental, “The Mermaid”.

The album closes on a dynamic note with “Light Warrior (Remix)”. Floating on a blissful constellation of melodies, complete with gritty low-ends, beautiful vocals, and sweeping sonics, this album is an utterly intoxicating journey that will surely captivate any listener.


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