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DG McClean: “Never Felt So Good” Melodic and Well Produced with that Slight Euro Stamp

DG McClean is a songwriter/producer from Ireland. A keen photographer, DG says that his words, melodies and visual impressions are truthful documents of his life. He recently released his dance track, “Never Felt So Good”.

It’s quite different from his previous work, which is absolutely varying in style. I think this single may be a more well-rounded song than its predecessors. As mentioned, it has a different feel, more of a night-driving or after-midnight-discotheque feel. This can be regarded as a positive thing, as it’s the type of music you can put on and listen to continuously, without hurting your ears or dying of boredom!

It’s melodic and well produced with that slight Euro stamp laced subtly across the arrangement. All in all, it’s a nice song to listen to. DG McClean’s skills as a producer and melody maker have clearly matured and he seems to have found an interesting direction in which to go.

With “Never Felt So Good”, DG McClean proves he is capable of broadening his musical horizons. A delightfully simple track, DG’s song is driven solely by his voice, a hand-clapping beat, a piano and light synth tones.

DG McClean is both cool and creative. I hope his style catches on, but more importantly, I hope he does an album soon, which will without a doubt further broaden his growing fan-base. As well as give us a clearer vision of where he will be ultimately taking his creative talents.



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