Collin Clowes: “Stand”- the bare bones instrumentation and singing help set the expressive tone of the song

Collin Clowes is a 20 year old Canadian alternative folk singer/songwriter living in Thunder Bay. Collin writes and performs his own music. He is self-taught and has been going in and out of the music all of his life. At the age of 17 he became extremely sick for reasons that are still to this day unknown. This sickness still is present and plays a major role in Collin’s day to day life. He cannot work so he took it upon himself to become strictly dedicated to the music.

Collin Clowes
Collin Clowes

The unfortunate result of hype is that expectations are raised to such a fever pitch, that the artist in question becomes an inevitable letdown. The opposite is quite true of Collin Clowes with his latest release, “Stand”. The song is well deserving of all the attention it can get. It’s a brilliantly crafted love song that showcases the despair of a broken heart and the determination to overcome its difficulties. Clowes laments over the broken condition of the one he loves, but knows he will be able to ‘stand’ up on his own again. It makes you wonder how someone could create and deliver a song of such beauty and depth armed with little more than a guitar and some stunning vocals and harmonies.

Every element of this track shines, especially the composition. Both tender and uplifting, the bare bones instrumentation and singing help set the intimately expressive tone of the song. This almost too-simple-sounding music makes Collin Clowes very easy to listen to. His voice is expressive enough to ignore his lyrics and simply fall into the beauty of the music. That said, Clowes’ lyrics are subtle and lush, complementing the music wonderfully. This effortless combination of his guitar work, expressive voice and heartfelt lyrics creates an entirely sensitive and flowing track.

Quite simply put, Collin Clowes’ music seems to pull deep emotion up to just below the surface of your skin. His music captures and conveys the all the bittersweet tribulations of living and being in and out of love.


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