Clint Nolan: “Hatch” is gutsy, forceful, diverse and solid!

Clint Nolan always impresses me. His sound is some of the most original, creative rock music out there on the scene today. Clint is one of the most talented vocalists on the underground modern rock scene, but he is an even better songwriter. He uses so many timbres and textures with his voice. The music pulls from so many different influences. You can hear influences of alternative, classic rock and industrial electronic styles. The result is once again an amazing product with something huge to offer.

The “Hatch” single is incredibly dynamic. The music is tinged with electronic garnishes of color. The thick arrangement is so well put together and every instrument fits into a vivid picture. There are many great moments on this track, like the explosive drumming, the synth and guitar work, as well as the breathtaking overdubbed harmonies.

“Hatch was originally a poem I wrote while recovering from a particularly nasty migraine flare-up,” says Nolan. “36 million Americans suffer from debilitating migraine attacks. Living with the pain is rough, but those who experience them know that the immediate physical pain is only part of the puzzle. Hatch is dedicated to those who struggle, anxiously dreading the next visit from the “metal worm”.

“Hatch the metal worm
It crawls familiar trails
looking for another way that it hasn’t found before
Hatch the metal worm
Laying eggs for tomorrow’s breed
I’m praying for host rejection” 

Clint Nolan
Clint Nolan

Clint Nolan has to be one of the most unique and creative artists to come out in years. He has created a sound that is all his own while at the same time paying tribute to some legendary musical influences. Whatever Nolan has ever done, is almost always nothing less than mind-shattering.

I remember that from the single, “Likeness” and the EP, “Pearls Before Swine”, where he continued to tread contrasting musical ground. “Hatch” is no exception to that rule, where once again Nolan moves his music left-field of mainstream.

“Hatch” is gutsy, forceful, diverse and solid. Musically and lyrically, it takes you on an almost intimidating journey of a losing battle against pain. You may love it; you may hate it. But you will feel something about it.

What sets Clint Nolan apart from the pack is a rare intelligence and creative spark that makes him unique in today’s far too crowded musical world. In a sea of mediocrity, “Hatch” comes to show us that rock is alive and well, albeit in a new guise!


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