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Chris Jay: “Poizon” – a cohesive melting pot of good music that is full of spice

In love with music since the age of 5, Chris Jay is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist who has taught himself to play multiple instruments. The Texan artist who specializes in a blend of soul, pop and EDM has his current single, “Poizon”, out on iTunes.

chris-jay-350If you’re already a Chris Jay fan, then you will adore this track, plain and simple. And if you’re new to his talent, you’ll love it all the same. This is an artist who takes a leap of chance to explore different genres of music and fuses it into something special for the world to enjoy.

“Poizon” is by far is his most innovative, creative work to date. It is a musical gumbo, a cohesive melting pot of good music that is full of spice. The production and beat is strong, minimal but well-crafted, and not generic. And Chris Jay’s falsetto and voice sound excellent on here.

Jay is willing to express himself and let the music take him where it goes. It helps that he has great range, and being able to hear him bellow out those notes is fantastic. I just hope that he keeps on evolving musically, and is never scared to try something new and pushing himself creatively. This will certainly ensure that Jay moves out of the crowded shadows and into the mainstream spotlight.

chris-jay-350bConsidering the fact that many Soul or R&B singers are infusing their music with different styles, Chris Jay manages to stay one step ahead as is showcased on “Poizon”. Since the release of “Nebula” has truly shifted his music, but I think it’s a step in a good direction.

The songs Chris Jay sings are very timely and soothing to your body, mind and soul.  While other artists try to recycle stale patterns, Jay is willing to come out of his shell and create something new while he sings: “The sax is poison, don’t get addicted…” Because try as you may, addicted is the first thing that you will be after listening to this track!

So if you’re looking for something smooth while you cruise with the crew, then check out “Poizon”.


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