Chords Of Eve – “Dear Engineer” is an EP you’ll want to hear over and over!

Chords Of Eve is an American music project, created in 2019 and consisting of multi-instrumentalist Atlas Cage, featuring various female vocalists and the debut of vocalist Casey Ardmore. The band defines their music as pop, electronica, alternative and trip hop, and have described their sound as “futuristic psych pop”. “We want those who listen to our music to feel connected, even in times where they could feel the most isolated,” says the project leader. “We want people to feel as if someone understands them, that they have been seen.”

Chords Of Eve’s resonating bass sinks repeatedly to thumping depths on “Brightside”, while vocalist belts lyrics and harmonies weaves a positive sonic vibe. The track swirls in a deceptive way, tricking listeners into dancing to a mid-tempo sound design with a sweet, innovative melodic hook. The instruments in the mix, create an enticing and distinct groove.

It doesn’t take long for Chords Of Eve to steer that creativity into more somber and deeper thinking places, such as “Dear Engineer” which is looking for a way out of the darkness. The track also proves that the project can write songs that urge you to sing along, as they slather in synth, and banging drums. The result is a splash of watercolors swirling together in darker hues, slowly turning into an entrancing onyx while retaining the vibrancy of its singular colors.

The singer flexes her nuanced vocal strengths here, while Atlas Cage at the top of his board, twists knobs, and creates a package that feels cut, bound, and wrapped to its perfect form. “Evelyn” which deals with mental illness and depression, interacts with your brain and ears simultaneously for an engaging listen. It sound locates itself somewhere in the liminal space between the senses and the intellect.

The lyrics are deceptively simple, just when you think you might float away on the synths and vocals, there are lines which penetrate your consciousness. “Rebuild Yourself Tonight” represents another positive-thinking moment on the EP, and the gritty up-tempo music indicates as much, even before you hear the lyrics.

The grinding swing of “The Future-s Not What It Used To Be” with its transitions between the verses, complete with driving percussion lines and buzzy guitars, are an excellent reflection of the juxtaposition that the EP as a whole demonstrates. Overall, this is an EP that shines at its brightest when it’s walking the tightrope between light and darkness. In doing this, it exposes the listener to sounds that intrigue.

Chords Of Eve handle these contrasts with a deft touch, and intersperse the gloomier tracks with more energetic, throbbing ones. It somehow always manages to bring out a mesmerizing, very full futuristic psych pop sound. “Dear Engineer” is an EP you’ll want to hear over and over. It is easy enough to lose yourself in its mesmerizing rhythms, and melodies or go down an unexpected path in your own mind. The EP “Dear Engineer” is out on April 10th.


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