Chicago’s own Bari Tarantino’s Releases His Brand New Banger – “10K”

Bari Tarantino is a recording artist from Chicago, Illinois. He has released a total of 4 projects independently with his newest 2020 single being the highly anticipated banger “10K”. The artist also confirms that there is an album in the works as well!

In an era of disposable music, Bari Tarantino is bringing straight talking heart and soul narratives back to hip-hop. What makes “10K” most compelling, lies in the confidence behind the rapper’s rhymes.

Bari Tarantino’s resonating vocals dip and weave their way in and around the instrumental, while the booming 808’s leave plenty of room for the rapper’s steady flow and delivery. Now with a couple of solid projects under his belt, Bari Tarantino is a rapper you should be taking more seriously with every release.

Connect with Bari Tarantino @Bari_Tarantino

Download or Stream “10K” on iTunes and Apple Music!

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