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Bryson Knoel: “Titanic” brings you into his life and craft with every track!

Bryson Knoel is a Baltimore-bred singer-songwriter and performer, who delivers a vocal driven R&B sound, infused with pop elements. Growing up in a household where creativity was encouraged, Bryson began honing his craft in pursuit of becoming a professional recording artist. His song “7 Wonders” earned him the opportunity to be a part of Ryan Leslie’s artist platform “Disruptive Multimedia”. Since then he has released his first and second EP’s through the Platform as well as multiple singles.

Bryson Knoel
Bryson Knoel

Bryson Knoel recently released his 5-track Ep “Titanic” to the public. The Ep gives you the club songs that you will enjoy bobbing your head to, but the project also shows that at the end of the day all you want is to enjoy life, find someone who loves you for you and is willing to give as much as you are in a relationship. Bryson shows that what we see on the outside might matter, but at the end of the day it is what we are on the inside that really defines us. That is even more so with those in the public who are accustomed to people wanting them for what they have. Through his music Bryson also shows that he wants to be appreciated for who he is more than anything else. And who he is with this project is lyrical storyteller that brings you into his life and craft with every track.

There are some great songs on the Ep, which kicks off with “Super Villian”, a simply gorgeous track with an impassioned vocal that first whispers, then soars right out of your speakers. Bryson delivers “Head Under Water” in a sumptuous multi-layered, a cappella style, but it’s the title track “Titanic” which sees him get into full stride, as he extends his vocals into falsetto. Throughout the Ep, Bryson Knoel has taken a steady approach and perfected the formula of evolving each song with interesting sounds and beats while not straying too far from his R&B base. They are never over the top with sounds that feel like you’re getting stabbed in the eardrum. Instead, they have the right melodies and sounds that make them enjoyable tracks.

“Titanic” is a mix of R&B, Pop and Club tracks which fit all tastes nicely, appealing to a wide variety of audiences. Not least the closing song “Demons”, which encompasses this entire gamut of ingredients in just over 3 minutes. A refreshing album all-round!


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