Bettiegang Twins – “Run It Up” will appeal to multiple audiences!

Signed to, and distributed by, Arucca Flyboy, the Bettiegang Twins recently reached the DRT-Digital Radio Tracker Charts, and earned their first industry certified plaque for the single “Run It Up” taken off their upcoming album “Time Is Money”. Born and raised in the Westside of Chicago, Illinois, fraternal twins LBezzy and SGezzy dedicated their love for music to their mother who passed untimely on December 26, 2015. The used here name Bettie Jones, as the inspiration for their stage name, the Bettiegang Twins, and have since become a force to be reckoned with in the music arena, opening for famous artists and hip-hop legends, including Scarface, Twista, Kevin Gates, Young Dolph, Do or Die, Gunna, Young Joc and more.

The Bettiegang Twins have been building a solid fanbase while garnering attention nationwide with their relentless commitment to their craft, where they share their real-life and relatable experiences through powerful messages and smart wordplay. “We really live what we rap. We reflect our environment and display that in our music. We understand the trials and tribulations of growing up in Chicago,” exclaim the twins.

Even though I had extremely high expectations, my initial listen to “Run It Up” definitely exceeded them. I was really impressed with how effortlessly the Bettiegang Twins are able to carry their style and sound throughout the song.

Quality production too, was expected, but the chemistry between producer and the artists was at a higher level than I anticipated coming into it. Chicago’s dynamic duo dropped project bursting with some of their most euphoric vibes to date.

The Bettiegang Twins never miss an opportunity to blend their energetic flows with hard-nosed and heart-bearing lyrics, and “Run It Up” is simply a masterclass in this art. Their music appeals to multiple audiences and they have fantastic chemistry to match.

The first thing of note about the Bettiegang Twins is how they blur the lines between mainstream music and underground. They don’t compromise their style though, they just know how to make their wickedly smart creations appealing to the masses.

The ultimate goal for serious artists intent on creating a powerful and recognizable brand, is to establish a cohesive sound. We hear that sound immediately in the first minute of “Run It Up”. Heads are compelled to bop, while bodies sway instinctually, as the Bettiegang Twins show off their dexterity. Besides the looped synths and knocking beat, the Bettiegang Twins’ flow and her attitude are what make “Run It Up” worth listening to.

The Bettiegang Twins target a large audience with their music. It’s a good thing that a lot of people enjoy their sound. As they rap, the sisters are dynamic and confident, and you will most definitely buy what they are selling. They pull absolutely no punches, proving themselves to be much more than a simple flash in the pan act.

With a great sense of wordplay and clear technical proficiency, the Bettiegang Twins seem to have all the ingredients to be one of the next stars of rap. The upcoming album project, “Time Is Money” is their chance to deliver on that promise.


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