Benton Crane – ‘Do They Know?’ – An Anthem for Those Trapped in the Darkness

Drawing inspiration from legends like Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, and MGMT, Benton Crane has created a truly unique sound that’s all his own. The visionary indie mastermind blends acoustic and synth infected psychedelic indie-rock aesthetics to craft mesmerizing soundscapes that transcend reality and fantasy. His sonic creations are a vivid representation of his unbridled imagination, infused with the inspirations drawn from the world around him. As you listen to Benton’s music, you’ll find yourself transported to an otherworldly dimension, where dreams and reality intertwine seamlessly.

With each song, Benton Crane weaves intricate narratives that leave an indelible mark on your soul. His music is a journey into the unknown, a sonic exploration that breaks free from the mundane confines of our everyday existence.

However Benton Crane’s music isn’t just about escaping from reality. He’s a staunch advocate for mental health and understands the importance of tuning in and tuning out. He recognizes that sometimes, we need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and allow ourselves to unwind. His music offers a refuge for anyone struggling to cope with the heaviness of existence, a few precious moments of respite from the chaos.

Since the release of “Welcome to Paradise”, Benton has continued on a journey of self-discovery, honing his craft and refining his voice as an artist. He’s produced an intriguing array of songs, each one a testament to his boundless creativity and musical prowess, as well as finely tuned emotional sensibilities. I From the infectious echoing grooves of 2021’s “Everything We Touch” to the haunting acoustic drive of 2023’s “Until The Colors Fade”, Benton’s sonic explorations are a testament to his artistic vision.

Benton Crane’s latest single, “Do They Know?” is a triumph of imagination, a celebration of the power of creativity to transcend the boundaries of the mundane. The haunting and introspective song is a stirring reflection on the unrelenting struggle of the human condition. The track explores the idea of being trapped in a cycle of hopelessness and despair, unable to break free from the bonds of one’s own mind.

The opening lines of the song, “Heartbeat/Like a city street/I can’t sleep/Nothing ever will change,” set the stage for a song that’s raw and emotionally charged. It’s a cry for help, a desperate plea to break free from the chains that bind us.

The chorus of “Do They Know?” is particularly poignant, with Benton asking, “Do they know/The dark is alive?/And it moves and flows/Whenever you’re high.” It’s a stark reminder of the way that our emotions can control us, and how our pain can feel all-consuming.

The song also touches on the idea of alienation and the sense of feeling alone in a crowded world. Benton Crane laments, “All my friends laugh/While they can/They want me to see love is alive/It’s not for me, it’s not for me.” It’s a powerful sentiment that many of us can relate to, the feeling that we’re on the outside looking in.

The musical arrangement of the song is equally compelling, with Benton’s emotive vocals gently soaring over a driving beat, crunchy guitar riffs and the sweep of moody synths. It’s a masterful blend of electronic and rock elements that perfectly capture the intensity and raw emotion of the lyrics.

In “Do They Know?” Benton Crane has crafted a powerful and deeply personal song that speaks to the human experience. It’s a stirring reminder of the importance of acknowledging our pain and struggles, and the need to find hope even in the darkest of moments.


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