Benjamin Doncom: “Chasing Ghosts” – a perfect vocal performance!

Kingsville Ontario native, Benjamin Doncom is excited to showcase his newly released debut single “Chasing Ghosts”, and his 4 song EP set to drop in March. From an early age Benjamin was exposed to music through his father who listened to the Beatles, the Hollies, Queen as well as artists from the 50s, 60s and 70s including Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons, Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, The Temptations and Stevie Wonder. These artists fueled an interest in Benjamin to begin singing. Benjamin eventually enrolled at Sheridan College where he received an Honors Degree in Musical Theatre Performance, after which he kept busy by acting in Productions of Les Miserables, West Side Story, Phantom of The Opera, as well as performing at the World famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The winner of Season 3, of the Raise Your Voice Singing competition, Benjamin Doncom joined forces with the production team of Rob Palombo and Walter Riggi to start work on his EP. To start with, Benjamin’s vocalization is epic. His voice is a gritty tenor, with a full range and a silky soulful texture.

He does not muffle his lyrics, you understand everything he says, and you want to understand what he is saying. They are more than cute hooks; they are real life rhapsodies of a romantic heart. Using vivid images of a close encounter, the song portrays Benjamin as more than a heartbroken soul, but an angry one, who has decided to put an end to a one-sided relationship.

And that’s the beauty of this song – the imagery. “Chasing Ghosts” comes off as very real and genuine, and Benjamin’s absolutely perfect vocal performance shows his passion in these emotional moments. The combination of Benjamin’s irresistible vocal charisma and the wonderful rock hard production results in an unstoppable musical force.

Benjamin struts his stuff throwing out quotable after quotable, with his high register delivery keeping the energy of the track flowing. In the background the instrumental foundation simmers and steams, driven by a throbbing bassline and a banging drumbeat.

It’s rare for a verse to be as catchy as its chorus, but that is the case in this song. This is a great emotive song, plain and simple. Fitting all the right rhymes together in the storyline, anchors the track down, while Benjamin showcases a marvelously combustible, soulful voice. In truth, Benjamin Doncom appears to be one of the freshest, mesmeric new voices of the year so far.

If you appreciate great music and vocal talent, regardless of genre, this is the track for you. What we have in Benjamin Doncom is a fresh act with full confidence in his abilities, both writing and performing. This fulfilling track has no negatives holes, and if “Chasing Ghosts” is just a taste of what he has in the vaults, Benjamin Doncom should be racking up a vast collection of accolades shortly.


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