Astronauts of Antiquity: “Future Back” – A Sophisticated Groove Theory!

Fronted by lead singer and co-founder, India, the musical collective of Astronauts of Antiquity is completed by the guitars of B. Rhyan and orchestrations of programmer, Ivica.  AOA’s sonic art is generally described as music which “integrates electro-organic elements with studio sorcery to underscore their alchemy of incisive song craft and deft musicality.”  And to be honest all of the above transpires through their single, “Future Back”, which rides in on a vocoder-induced appeal – “I want my future back. I need a love, love attack.”

Future Back artwork
Future Back artwork

This is a cool track, India has a voice that transcends time. She would have been a knockout in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, not to mention the 80’s and 90’s. The seemingly warm honesty with which she sings really resonates. Smooth old school grooves, neo-funk, acid-jazz, and EDM all wrapped up in one.

What is there to say except that this group’s musical genius brilliantly and beautifully brings all these genres off into a wonderful blend of extraordinary musical melodies that moves the soul, the mind, and gives the listener a higher plane of listening pleasure to their senses.

True musical genius is hard to find in this day and time in the musical entertainment world with everything digitized, and singers who sound as if your ears deserved some sort of punishment.

Not so with the Astronauts of Antiquity. The eclectic smooth groove of “Future Back” really moved me deep with not only the music composition and positive lyrics, but makes me zoom through my days faster with a more positive mood to boot. But the question is which song on theirs doesn’t have its own magic?

Astronauts of Antiquity singer, India
Astronauts of Antiquity singer, India

The thing I love most about AOA’s music is – It’s soulful, it’s well produced, it’s different, it’s just smart, good, fun, almost what you could brand ‘sexy music’. If anyone is looking to groove to something that is familiar but also edgy and different then this is the band for you.

I only hope they are not teasing us and will continue to put out this type of music because it is desperately needed in a somewhat stale genre.

The sound Astronauts of Antiquity are offering is nothing short of what you should expect from a modern-day group with talent. They’re right up front with the latest computer aided technology, without forgetting the conventional art of classic songwriting and music arrangement.

The result is a noble musical statement and a sophisticated groove theory that transcends eras and genres. “Future Back” is also song for fans of sophisticated dance music and for the core of music lovers who are desperate for those that do progressive music right!


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