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Artour: “For The Crown” – everything about this record is tactile and palpable

The album “For The Crown” by Artour (Arthur) Asatryan sneaked up on me.  The first song on the EP, “Is What It Is” really caught my ear, and this guy, with his low vocal style and ironic lyrics, got me hooked.  This is a fine EP all-round. Artour’s almost signature percussive style is evident throughout, and the lyrics are something to be savored, too. Without a doubt this 7-track recording is the perfect introduction to Artour Asatryan’s quirky and catchy style.


The songs are unique and have great replay value. In a world of ‘too slick’ recordings, the strongest points of Artour’s stuff are firstly, his voice when he sticks to the lower register, and secondly, his lyrics. His meandering vocal melody lines are addictive, warm, and heartfelt. The musical portion of his songwriting also shows itself to be attractively eclectic and multi-dimensional at times. And the songs which best deliver all of these qualities are “It Is What It Is”, “You and Me”, and “Take You There”, which for me, are the better tracks on “For The Crown”.

I think the vocal styles, particularly on “Tonight”, and to a lesser extent, “Ready To Go”, do not do Artour’s songwriting talent full justice, or rather the cadences are off the mark and just not as groovy as the opening songs. They seem like fragment vocal ideas not fleshed out far enough, or taken somewhere they ought not to be. However, having said that, Artour has nevertheless made an interesting EP, which is full of catchy melodies, quirky lyrics, and very suitable production.

His songwriting style is also unique, as is his voice for the most part, perfectly fitting for the offbeat music he writes. He also has an ability to write somewhat simple melodies which snag in your brain, to a point where you may find yourself singing them offhandedly. “You and Me” is perhaps the most infections of the set, very melodic, and percussively syncopated.

Not every song here is perfect, but give it a listen, and decide for yourself which ones you like and which you don’t. Artour has taken music in an excellently original direction with this EP. Everything about this record is tactile and palpable. Artour’s exquisitely enlightened exudation is articulation in amplification – synchronicity in sound. It makes me believe that if he sticks to the style on the EP’s opening two songs, his next effort will be a truly groundbreaking event.


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