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Master Control Program 2000: “Kernel Assimilation” – authentic electronica to capture the mindset

Adriano Gattabuia is a composer, guitar teacher, software developer and internet marketer who is involved in various projects, including the Master Control Program 2000, an electronic side project he created to experiment with electronic music. Adriano has been writing music as a multi-instrumentalist for the last 14 years in several projects that either never saw the light of day because they weren’t promising enough, that were just the product of sheer experimentation, that were an excuse to form strong bonds with like-minded people, or that were part of collective efforts that would have decayed because of social entropy.

Master Control Program 2000 has just freshly released the 3 track “Kernel Assimilation” EP.  This is raw, emotional, powerful, and above all, fun to listen to. Moving from the up-tempo, 80’s synthpop ditto of the opening title track, “Kernel Assimilation”, onto the more layered and Darkwave influenced “Venus Club” to the almost industrial, gut-busting and grinding synths of “The Negotiation” – showing that Adriano can move from the lighter and rhythmic New Order-sounding synthpop grooves to the nearly Nine Inch Nails experimental heaviness.

master-control-program-2000-350Adriano Gattabuia is a man who clearly puts his heart and soul into his music, and that has been more clearly represented on this recording. The content of every song is profound and meaningful. This isn’t silly junk about unrequited love, formulaic pop warblings or any other garbage found in most electronic music today, and in the last decade. Adriano happens to have everything that it takes to be a superb and intelligent musician. Not only does he have the taste in constructing electronic beats and the skill to utilize the components necessary to manufacture something authentic to capture the mindset, but he also fills the music with strains of emotion on planes that listeners can feel. And if that sounds easy, it is not, especially when you are using electronic instruments.

I think “Kernel Assimilation” is another incredible example of a person channeling their feelings, emotions and experiences into a form of art that can be enjoyed countless times over by anyone. And the art form Adriano chose was music, and it literally vibrates with emotion. This music feels like it’s almost alive.

The feeling penetrates the veil of the usual coldness in electronic music, and the result is incredible. The refreshing songs contained in the EP, practically reinvent the 80’s and 90’s synth sounds with each track folding and unfolding into infinite possibilities, so we get something we haven’t heard before but is yet instantly familiar to our ears.

My impression is that “Kernel Assimilation” is an EP by an artist that knows what he does best. Master Control Program 2000 is giving us modern-day creativity with touches of the past, while embracing the synthpop blueprint that delighted the world all those years ago. Adriano actually composed the “Kernel Assimilation” EP, specifically for his first game prototype, under the name of “Master Control Program 2000”.


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