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Anchorage Records to Release “Electric Gathering” – a collection of electric six-string warlords!

On August 1st 2015 (available for pre-order now), Anchorage Records –  a record label based in Glasgow, Scotland – will release the instrumental rock album, “Electric Gathering”, featured the following artists – Jeff Kollman, Chris Poland, Michael Hampton, Jeff Fiorentino, Elmo Karjalainen, Kevin Estrella, Francisco Meza, John Herdt, Yue’s Bumping Jam, Yossi Sassi, Leonel Varak, DRW, Markus Johansson, John Herdt & Wally Z feat. David Givens and George Engelbrecht.

Francisco Meza
Francisco Meza

Never heard these names before? Well then you cannot be much of a rock-guitar enthusiast. These are the underground, electric six-string warlords, all collected into one gathering place for your absolute listening pleasure. Fifteen tracks on total fretboard overdrive that move from high energy rockers such as the triple, back to back openers, “Unintelligent Dreams” by Elmo Kajalainen, “Deafen Thy Neighbor” by Jeff Fiorentino and “Pyramids On Mars” by Kevin Estrella, to the progressive fusion of “Jungle’s Traffic Jam” by YUE’s BUMPING JAM and quieter structured interludes such as “Abby & Owen” by Leonel Varak.

Tone, purposeful melodies and excellent musicianship make this album a must have. Intricate styles and distinctive playing is delivered by each featured performer. Every song is impressive and unique, with dynamic and powerful solos, themes, and harmonic chains that one gets to appreciate more with every replay of the album. It is as if there are hidden gems that you will keep discovering as you let yourself immerse into the music and enjoy the superlative talent on hand.

Elmo Karjalainen
Elmo Karjalainen

Every song is very listenable; there is nothing over the top (excessive screeching pinch harmonics, etc.) and no duds. How can you ignore great melodic playing as on, “Neo Quest” by Yossi Sassi and “Hip Hop Karma” by Chris Poland, the funky crunch of “Shedding Skin” by Jeff Kollman, the lightning dual guitars of “Patient Zero” by Markus Johansson ft. Toby Knapp, or the sheer power of “Ethereal” by Francisco Meza, “War Machine” by DRW and “Fearless” by George Engelbrecht.

“Electric Gathering” contains some of the most technically proficient underground rock guitarists out there. However, all the skills in the world don’t mean much to any ears if there isn’t a decent hook in there to interest the listener. Luckily, catchy riffs abound. If you’re a fan of great guitar work then this is the album to put on your short list.

Anchorage Records has put together all the pieces needed to make a great instrumental rock guitar album! These songs are some of the best, most interesting and varied compositions you’ll hear on any one rock guitar album this year. The multi-layered sound of this album is also a blast to behold.

If you’re a fan of Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson or Steve Vai, please do yourself the favor of picking up “Electric Gathering”…you never know who you’ll discover next!


Electric Gathering album cover
Electric Gathering album cover
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