Ajdablower – “Dummy Freestyle” comes out the gate strong!

Ajdablower aka Ajdacheff is a 20 year old rapper from Tulsa Oklahoma, who grew up struggling on the north side. He got into music at about 10, and dropped his first project at 16, which was recorded on a phone. After a few mishaps he got back into music a year ago and has been working hard towards his mixtape “Dacheff’s Kitchen”, set to release on June 27. In the meantime he is riding high with the single “Dummy Freestyle”. Take some meaty rap beats. Sprinkle in some crushed eclectic sounds for that touch of psychedelia. Mix until hypnotic. Add some lyrical spice, to flavor things up. Throw a couple of addictively sweet hooks into the mix. Turn the wordplay and energy up to 100 and leave to simmer. You now have Ajdablower ready to ride.

Ajdablower has been on the rise for the last few months, but his latest release, “Dummy Freestyle”, will steadily propel him into underground limelight. He comes out the gate strong. Everything he raps is hard and the way that he rides the beat is at times mesmerizing.

He is involved in nearly every second of the music, while the dark mood of the project shifts throughout. His voice is uniquely deep and he knows exactly how to build the song up around it, until he can grab your attention.

Though he maintains an almost in conversational tone, his voice is filled with conviction and intensity on “Dummy Freestyle”. Technical prowess and lyrical complexity are skills hard to come by in an age of showy mumble rap and buzzy trap beats. It is in these areas where the auspicious Tulsa Oklahoma, rapper exhibits his appeal. He combines the much flouted vibe of modern rap with a profound insight into wordplay.

Ajdablower perfectly toes the line of being technically adept without coming off as showy, yet still evidencing his ability to effortlessly flow over the head-nod inducing beat. The production on “Dummy Freestyle” is definitely alternative flavored.

It’s growling, bottom heavy bass-driven beat, conjures up a sinister chemistry on which Ajdablower is able to build his unique template. Moreover the record shows that artist’s songwriting skills has grown over this last year.

Ajdablower is capable of extremely slick lines, and on “Dummy Freestyle” takes us on a journey through the development of his craft by cutting the fat and finding a fine balance of his skills, and his potential. There are no smoke and mirrors needed, Ajdablower has the marvelous ability to tell a story, while cementing his creativity and clear talent as a lyricist.

While “Dummy Freestyle” continues to grow on me with subsequent listens, there’s the noticeable feeling that the song is carried by outstanding production, exuberant wordplay, and Ajdablower’s undeniable hungriness towards reaching the pinnacle of modern hip-hop.

A lot will depend on what he brings us with the release of the “Dacheff’s Kitchen” mixtape. In the meantime this single will earn him all of the attention he deserves.

OFFICIAL LINKS: ALL STREAMS – Instagram @Ajdacheff

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