Ah’lay drops her latest captivating single “The Struggle Is Real”

Ah’lay drops her latest captivating single “The Struggle Is Real.” The R&B single contains every element to get the listeners uplifted. “The Struggle Is Real” takes the listener on a musical journey with a nostalgic R&B style with a modern sound. The vocal and down-tempo instrumentation work seamlessly together for a must-listen record. “The Struggle Is Real” contains lyricism based on life experiences that will hook the listener due to the relatability and realness.

The groovy beat with the melodic elements gives the vocal an angelic, intimate feeling. With powerful and driving lyricism, this talented artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of quality music that supports the fact that she is set to take over the music industry. Furthermore, “The Struggle Is Real” will take the listeners into a musical trance with strong messages, catchiness, and soothing instrumentation.

About Ah’lay: Alaya Woods, or better known as Ah’lay, is an emerging actor, dancer, singer, and songwriter originating from Michigan. At just fourteen years old, the talented artist is quickly making waves in the scene with her unparalleled sound and style.

Inspired by the likes of SZA and Billie Ellish, Ah’lay seeks to create music that will connect people around the world. Moreover, she wants to comfort children and let them know that they are not alone. With a mature and powerful voice, the multi-talented artist seeks to push the envelope with her sound.

Ah’lay is ready to showcase her talents to the world and leave a substantial message to the ears of many. With every release, the Michigan native will have listeners engulfed into the world she creates with her story-telling lyricism and angelic voice. Ah’lay is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as she is set to leave her footprint in the music industry for years to come.


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