Aaron Troy – “Seven Moons” is beautifully crafted!

Striking and poignant, Aaron Troy delivers a record of melody, harmony and lyrical substance with “Seven Moons”. The independent, Southern Californian musician, demonstrates that he is fully equipped to step into the Indie/Alternative Pop arena. The composition is creative, and Aaron sings freely. He seems to be a yearning soul, supplying us an emotive song that does not produce surges of unnecessary bombastic power, but rather contemplated moments of sheer songwriting elegance. As such, it is truly a tour de force, bridging the gap between hypnotic and fascinating. It may be an audacious claim, but “Seven Moons” is a lyrical masterclass, all transported from the minds of intriguing songwriters, Anthony De Leon & Brooke Tomlinson.

The opening lines of “Seven Moons” are immediately indicative of the gracious poetically inclined narrative: “Forever spark burning bright. I wish our stars aligned. We’re in the right place, wrong time. Sunbeam on my pillowcase. I lost you in outer space. I’ll miss the one that got away. Reading the signs, I’ve got so far to go. Wish you would hear what I want you to know. Oh we’re so close now we’re so far away, away.”

Affecting lyricism aside, the production is right up there too. The instrumental glistens with hope and is composed very well, contributing crucially to Aaron Troy’s resonating and nuanced vocals. From the onset, it is immersive.

If you listen on, you will become easily involved in a blissful notion of losing yourself. Aaron sings with pristine authority, the lyrical touch is glowing, and there are no impositions from the drums, which remain mostly concealed in the background.

The jangling guitars and sweet pianos are never frantic but deeply ingrained into the drama of this love anthem, adding an infectious groove. On top of it all, Aaron Troy has the kind of a voice that is able to transmit both soaring joy and deepest despair in the same breath.

There is something magnetic about Aaron and his performance.  First, there is his voice, which has a distinctive and clear tone. Then there is the standout factor in his performance, which was his ability to create moments of affecting intimacy with the listener.

The music is always beautifully crafted on “Seven Moons”, and sincere to the point where you get lost in the poetry of it all. The heartfelt lyrics and openness of the writing is given a perfect platform by the thoughtful soundscape.

It’s beauty is more complex than one would originally perceive, and perhaps the strongest aspect of the record, besides Aaron Troy’s gorgeous voice, is how the song ensnares you with its overall composition.

Bursting with lyrical goodness, a smartly nuanced musical arrangement and Aaron Troy’s captivating vocals, “Seven Moons” makes for a fabulous listening experience, whether you want to be uplifted or reflective, melancholy or hopeful.

The more you listen to it, the better it gets; if every song of its kind was like this one, we’d be inundated with listening options. There however, is currently only one Aaron Troy, and it is difficult to imagine anyone matching him in his field this year.

Instagram: @aaron_troy_music
Streams: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/aarontroy/seven-moons

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