3Mind Blight & Ray Roehrborn – “Troubled Times” – raw energy, emotional depth, and technical brilliance!

Prepare to be entranced by the stunning musicianship of 3Mind Blight and Ray Roehrborn as they join forces to craft the soaring rock soundscape of “Troubled Times.” There is a palpable energy and sense of collaboration between the two artists on display here. If there’s one word that could define this collaboration, it would be “organic”. Nothing here sounds forced or over-analyzed, and the risk of one artist competing with the other for the listener’s attention is quickly dismissed. In a world where music sometimes sound like it came from a production line, rather than from the hands of an artist, this is a welcome change of pace.

A textbook example of the sum being greater than the whole of its parts, the single far exceeds a cursory retreading of 3Mind Blight’s individual performance and playing styles. Instead, the collaboration creates an impressive original that has a sound and feel all of its own. The music is taken care by 3Mind Blight, who shared the vocals and lyric writing with Ray Roehrborn. Surprisingly this is Ray’s debut behind the mic.

Right from the start of “Troubled Times,” the drums work their way towards a steady rhythm, while both fiery and shimmering electric guitar motifs, chug and weave their way through the composition that blends hard rock, grunge and metal elements providing a sturdy foundation for the immersive layers of sound that build behind the soaring vocals.

“Troubled Times,” is a track that is sure to send rock enthusiasts into a frenzy. The songwriting quality is top-notch, effortlessly matching the instrumental thrills and vocal aggression that are found throughout the track. This is a piece that strikes a perfect balance between raw inspiration, emotion, and impeccable studio production.

What sets 3Mind Blight apart from other artists is his ability to infuse an organic and lively atmosphere into his recordings. With “Troubled Times,” he have once again managed to avoid the sterile, compressed sound that often plagues glossy studio productions. The result is a vibrant and dynamic track that is truly one-of-a-kind in the current scene

One of the standout features of “Troubled Times” is the way in which 3Mind Blight and Ray Roehrborn trade vocal duties with ease. 3Mind Blight’s powerful and explosive tones burst through each section of the song, effortlessly transitioning from verse to chorus to solos. Ray Roehrborn’s smoother nuanced voice complements that of 3Mind Blight perfectly, creating a sound that is both abrasive and mellifluous at the same time.

This is not the first time that 3Mind Blight has impressed listeners with his musical talents, but “Troubled Times” shows that he is are only getting better with each release, as he branches out towards diverse musical collaborations.

This latest offering is a true work of art, showcasing 3Mind Blight impeccable songwriting skills and dynamic musical abilities. Fans of organic driving rock, will be in heaven with this one, as it offers everything that they could ever want in a track – raw energy, emotional depth, and technical brilliance.


3Mind Blight

Ray Roehrborn

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