The Ghost of Brooklyn – If you like your indie folk-rock with a psychedelic twist!

Here’s the deal. If you like your indie folk-rock with a psychedelic twist, jangly guitar, uncanny melodies, underlining gorgeous, surreal lyrics, then you might be into The Ghost of Brooklyn. Of course if you’re simply a sucker for mysterious media plugging and pitching, The Ghost of Brooklyn is scrumptious manna for your musical platter. Don’t believe me? Read this…

[quote bgcolor=”#dd9933″]“The Ghost of Brooklyn is a real ghost from Green-Wood Cemetery. Not the scary nighttime variety, but a friendly musical ghost that meditates, plays guitar and prowls the city streets in search of good vegan food. At night, instead of boozing, whoring and scaring the shit out of people he heads back to the graveyard to watch Youtube. The Ghost of Brooklyn likes to haunt people directly, hence the endless stream of singles he releases on Youtube. He travels light; just a guitar, a few microphones and some pedals. He says, “I may be DEAD, but I will always rock the streets of Brooklyn.” All his music is captured live using the latest in live-performance technology. EVERYTHING you see and hear is LIVE (one mic, one guitar, one take).”[/quote]

The Ghost Of Brooklyn
The Ghost Of Brooklyn

Not bad for a dead dude, right! While not technically the greatest singer in the ‘other’ world right now, considering the company he is keeping, The Ghost of Brooklyn has one of the most honest voices I’ve ever heard and he backs it up with some sweet Beach Boys type harmonies. The guitar is really interesting. Sometimes it gets heavy, but retains a basic, jangly and bouncy sound. Not punk. Not folk. Not Rock, but rather all of them.

Lyrically, The Ghost of Brooklyn uses stunning imagery, an insightful poetic, stream of consciousness, almost like a dream being narrated. They meld perfectly with the melody flowing from the vocals. In “ONE LOVE”, The Ghost of Brooklyn goes one step further, as his ghost goes in search of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s tombstone in Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn, NY. Even though I tried to avoid the phrase, I think the sentiment “hauntingly beautiful” applies to this if it applies to any indie music at all.

The creative originality of The Ghost of Brooklyn, both in his background story and song, is incomparable to any indie artist today. This is an artist for people who like music with substance and a lot of raw guts – just the way music should be; the exact opposite of those awful overblown technical pop sounds that are currently polluting the airwaves out there.

If you are a disciple of the singer-songwriter world created by Bob Dylan, a world more akin to Art than popular music, you should check out The Ghost of Brooklyn. This is a fine example of the essence of good music. A creative spirit and mind is all one needs to make something legendary. 


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