Second Choice – “Stuck in a nightmare” ft. Nadja Fridström combines metal and horror soundtrack

Second Choice is the title of a solo project that started in 2010, it was rested for a couple of years and revived in 2019 when Second Choice revived started collaborating with different singers. Since summer he has collaborated with Nadja Fridström who also is a singer songwriter. Second Choice usually composes the music and takes care of the production, while Nadja handles the lyrics and vocals.

The latest song from the collaboration, is entitled “Stuck in a nightmare”, and the idea behind it was to see if they could combine heavy metal with a horror movie soundtrack. The video was made to enhance that feeling. It’s all at once sinister, beautiful, complex, lush, dark, hypnotic, and so grand in musical scope that I don’t know how they will follow this up but I’ll be dying to see.

There’s so much here that is both familiar and new but presented with jaw dropping atmosphere and skill. It takes a few listens to let it soak in, but once it hits you, you can’t let go. “Stuck in a nightmare” sounds inspired and not overwritten despite its technical prowess. I found Second Choice’ video of this track on YouTube and was fascinated from the first. I was entranced by the entire production: the vocals, drums, and ambient sounds are all exceptional.

The production value on “Stuck in a nightmare” is outstanding; you can hear so many levels of sound – it is truly sonically riveting. I especially like Nadja Fridström — she has a great voice range and awesome connection to the performance, helping this song transport you to another place in another time. In a world of pop and rap music, this is the music that many have been longing for.

This entire record and video, from the very first sound, touches something deep inside you. Something primal in your heart thumps and sings with the dark theatrical and mesmerizing performance. There is very little else like this around currently. Undoubtedly, Second Choice’s music is a vehicle for primal expressions. It speaks volumes to those who want to listen to music from the heart and soul of the composer and singer.


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