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Lorenzo Bazzoni – “Avalanche” displays a commitment to electronic prog-rock!

The good news is that “Avalanche” is a superb track, one of the best to bear the Lorenzo Bazzoni name-tag. The arrangement finds a strong balance between atmospheric longer reaches, dynamic electronic rock explorations and more melodious compact motifs. There’s a constant distinctly current sound with endless respectful nods to the vintage exploratory heritage of progressive rock groups. “Avalanche” makes for a superb slice of intelligent modern electronica, and even the more straight-forward spots (which are actually fairly few and far between) are far weightier than many of the progressive instrumental tracks that have shown up on prog-rock releases lately.

The five minute plus song holds a series of thrusting and euphoric fragments a world away from commercial appeal or easy melodicism. It’s essentially a multi-part suite that coasts between epic electronic drifts, a strong theme driven by classic chiming notes and more urgent churning drum beats, making for a confident statement from Lorenzo Bazzoni. It displays a commitment to modern, high-end sound design.

Each re-listen reveals a secret exciting layer and a very energetic flow.  “Avalanche” is loaded with big dramatic synth washes and bristling sequencer ripples flitting in and out, and once it hits the spot right in the middle where rumbling strings reach their apex, there is no turning back. The music has a kaleidoscopic quality to it, as the sounds wash over you in waves.

This is evocative and smart electronic rock from a talented artist who constantly calls to mind moments of progressive rock from over the last several decades, and not in the lazy derivative way that so many of his contemporaries do.

Lorenzo Bazzoni’s prolific release schedule has barely slowed in the last couple of months.  “Avalanche” suggests that Bazzoni is going to keep looking even deeper back into the classic vintage progressive rock years, while finding fresh inspiration for the future. This is a standout track: lush, dynamic and full of the sense of open-ended wonder only the best electronic rock music inspires.

The Italian composer and producer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, who started composing in 2015 is totally self-taught, and simply uses his ear in the absence of music theory. His preferred bands are Dream Theater and Symphony X.

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