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Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni – “Dominus Noctis”

Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni’s highly orchestrated music pieces are like stumbling through a beautiful, sprawling valley you’ve seen before, yet keep returning to with even more enthusiasm. Not only is the basic nature inspiring, but you can barely wait for all the new things you’ll find each time around. Bazzoni may have been born for musical storytelling, in that so much of what the Italian composer does, seems to come from imaginative introspection.

“Dominus Noctis”, Lorenzo Bazzoni’s latest musical creation, brings back a degree of borderline mainstream classical songwriting from a previous era, which was a wonderful time for musical exploration, both in theory and actual execution. That Bazzoni has forged a career pushing artistic boundaries, between classical and progressive rock – while remaining listenable, which is the real trick – should be considered high achievement.

Listeners with a receptive brain palette and welcome the idea that music should show more than simply melody and rhythm, will thoroughly enjoy Lorenzo Bazzoni’s musical pieces. “Dominus Noctis” is another master class on dynamics, building intense orchestral passages and wonderful percussive smashes which get the job done beautifully. The point of the song gets made very quickly and effectively.

“Dominus Noctis” is a continuation of Lorenzo Bazzoni’s bombastic instrumental crossover classical rock, adding enough new experiments to keep things interesting, but staying close enough to his well-hewn sound to ensure a cozy familiarity. Bazzoni leans more on his classic music inclinations, creating a textured, detailed soundscape without ever completely ignoring the furious intensity of his usual compositions.

“Dominus Noctis” manages to step up the cinematic grandeur of Lorenzo Bazzoni’s music even further, adding suggestive oboe, flute, clarinet and timpani motifs to the mix and culminating in a gorgeously chaotic fever pitch. It sounds like a quintessential Bazzoni track, as if the composer is taking influence from himself but still creating fresh and original songs. This is the true beauty of Lorenzo Bazzoni, he takes you on an entire journey in a five-minute-plus song without a single lyric sung.

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