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“Hurt” is the new single by Francis MH featuring Ray Rackz

“Hurt” is the new single by Francis MH featuring Ray Rackz. The track is taken off Francis’ new mixtape, entitled “Too Freaky, Too Soon”. The song is supported by a fresh video clip, shot and directed by Alex Sandoval. Musically, Mike Slick’s mix exudes subtlety, as the extravagant moments wax and wane, to allow Francis MH’s loquacious and melodic verses to breath. And the dude knows how to demand attention, as his rhymes carry confidence and clarity.

Francis MH capitalizes on the smooth, but banging minimalism, inherent in the track’s three minute and forty six second runtime, by contorting his vocals around the rhythm and rhymes, allowing himself to fully command the space he inhabits. It’s the perfect showcase for Francis MH’s tale of relationship intricacies, in the process cementing him as one of the premier up and coming rappers.

The track is hypnotic and unrelenting, but also intensely exhilarating in its brevity. Francis MH comes across as an incredibly impressive artist, and the listener is left with the impression that he is one who can be trusted to fully command this brand of emotional music. Everything about the construction of the song is exceptional, as if Francis MH and Ray Rackz are explicitly reminding us that they’re the best at what they do.

Check out the video of “Hurt” by Francis MH featuring Ray Rackz. It’s a piece of music that creates its own intense and unforgiving atmosphere. There’s a pure musical dopamine rush that floods the track, and it’s an absolutely beautiful sensation!

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