Gregory Bell drops the Official Video for “Believe In Me”

The single and visual, “Believe In Me” is a fine addition to the Gregory Bell discography, which is working its way towards the upcoming album “The Lady’s Man”.  He sounds awesome vocally, the song is well-written and the production work is excellent. Bell’s smooth, yet rugged technique stands out amongst his peers. What makes the song so exceptional is the subject matter that Gregory Bell takes on in such a candid way. Few contemporary artists are dealing with the same issues. You need to look back at the past greats of R&B and Soul, to hear someone so gorgeously depicting moments of devotion and gratitude towards someone else, as Bell does on “Believe In Me”.

“I just wanna say thank you for being there for me when no one would understand. Thank you for being there for me, you’ve made me a better man. Thank you for being there for me when my body was sick n weak. With u I can spread my wings n be a better me,” sings Gregory Bell to his partner. Released at a time when misogyny, substance abuse and hedonistic lifestyles are heavily glorified, words like these are hard to come in the modern music scene.

There are alluring sonic details spread along the duration of the track. The skittering percussion and steady beat, as well as the warm keys, which underscore the captivating melody, are an important part of the track’s pull. It’s a mix of soul and contemporary R&B, with a subtle pop twist that will definitely leave you feeling refreshed by the blended sound.  “Believe In Me” is the place where your love for the music will meet Gregory Bell magical sonic formula.

The upcoming album – The Lady’s Man

As soon as you go in and press play on “Believe In Me”, you know Gregory Bell is something special. It just sounds like he is writing real life music. You can hear it in the vulnerability he displays, when he sings the hook: “If you would believe in me stay by my side, cuz you’re the one I want in my life. If you would believe in me, I’m gonna keep it true. Cuz there is no me without you. If you would believe in me, I am gonna hold you down even when you’re not around. If you would believe.”

Gregory Bell’s controlled but soaring vocals go straight to the heart in this inspirational opus and triumph of thoughtful songwriting. Whether or not you believe his material is autobiographical, “Believe In Me” proves that Bell has mastered the art of writing soul-stirring songs, causing fans to hang on his every word. The singer never oversells his songs, by indulging in hyperbolic screams or exaggerated grunts and moans.

Bell lays back on the groove, deepens it and gives it character, making the listening experience a spellbinding one. Moreover, Gregory Bell’s persona is all about faith, courage, and growth – as an individual, a family man and an integral part of humankind. Produced by Carlton Manoxide for Hidden Traxx/Skilluminaughty Music, “Believe In Me” is out now.


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