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“Enough” is the first promotional video by electronic music maker Arcas and the Bear

More of a piece art than a single release. “Enough” is the first promotional video by electronic music maker Arcas and the Bear. The project makes electronic music, working with ambient, soundscape and trip-hop sounds to explore science, storytelling and the darkness within.

“Enough” is the ultimate listening experience. I mean that in the most tremendous way possible. It functions exquisitely whether you are listening intently, or not. The track is so fluently splendid that it can be difficult to explain exactly why that is.

Arcas and the Bear is an expert of texture, mood and atmosphere, hence “Enough” is immaculately layered. It often seems like there is so much happening in the soundscape, as the background details drive the music along.

“Enough” is constantly evolving, as voices, instruments, effects, and micro-melodies collide. The rare moments of eerie tranquility take your breath away; they feel important and momentous due to the vast textural contrast.

Arcas and the Bear treat all the sonic elements that make up this track, with great care, and he has all the fundamentals nailed to keep you captivated through the arc of its progression, showing genuine emotion and feeling, along with a keen dose of darkened angst.

Arcas and the Bear is nothing if not empirical evidence that certain spheres of electronic music is to be taken seriously. Some pieces of music are so well created and produced that they make you appreciate the senses and sentiments you use to experience them. “Enough” falls comfortably into that category. It’s affecting, and unquestionably interesting. Every moment is the sum of many mysteriously intriguing parts.


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