Cali Summers “Pacific Coast Highway” is On All Streaming Platforms!

Singer, songwriter, producer, and director Cali Summers is spreading the good vibes of his single “Pacific Coast Highway” which is available on all major streaming platforms. Produced by Bailey Weston, the song has that cool, fresh summer groove written all over it.  The rhyme scheme is playful, witty, and memorable. The hook and production encourage listeners to turn up the volume, lower the windows, and move the body. You’ll love the clean production and the smooth vocals.

We’re getting to the time of the year when stress levels are lowered, cocktails are poured, joints are sparked and the finer things in life are enjoyed. “Pacific Coast Highway” is the perfect chill out backdrop for those activities. The song paints a nostalgic cinematic portrait of one of the most astoundingly scenic spots in the world, meant to be traversed slowly, while gasping at the mountains, towering trees, expansive beaches and endless sky.

“My latest single Pacific Coast Highway is a feel-good song, whether you reside in California or for those traveling to the city for the first time. They get to ride out down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and really enjoy what the state has to offer good weather, palm trees, and sights to see,” exclaims Cali Summers.

Connect with Cali Summers on Instagram @iamcalisummers

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