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Boonie Mayfield Presents: Ho Ho Ho (A Bad Santa Carol) will enthrall most audiences!

Solomon Vaughn aka Boonie Mayfield has never culled “a little bit of this, a little bit of that” as an attitude in his creations. From his lush studio instrumentation to the committed, experimental shamelessness of his raps and beats, Boonie has always explored music-making unapologetically, at the risk of radically revising his sound despite its reception on each new occasion.

He stands in direct opposition to the hyped-up achievements of his peers on either Coast, or anywhere else in-between, who rarely themselves, produce a beat, play an instrument, or speak of emotional or social attachment in any deep, intelligent way.

boonie-mayfield-ho-profileAnd so he has come thus far with an adventurous, high-flying model of producing music. He transcends genres; he twists and turns styles, always searching for every possible creative edge, no matter how elusive that may prove to be. He has released singles, EP’s, mixtapes and albums, stylistically diverse between them, but always with one common goal in mind – being the best he can be…by his own standards, and means.

Solomon Vaughn is not one to play to guidelines, borders and limitations. The brazen self-assurance of his abilities allows him to, more often than not, work outside of the box. His strength is not just his in his will, but in his determination; that fierce insistence that whatever he has already achieved is simply not enough. This is what drives him continuously, in his attempt to scale new heights and peaks with his craft.

This of course is my very own personal opinion of the artist Solomon Vaughn aka Boonie Mayfield, which I have elaborated after reviewing many of his works. So it came as no surprise when I was presented with his latest artistic endeavor: “Boonie Mayfield Presents: Ho Ho Ho (A Bad Santa Carol)” – a music video/short film as opposed to his usual album or mixtape releases.

The video liner notes describe “Ho Ho Ho (A Bad Santa Carol)” as an innovative ‘music art film’ with blended influences of James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Eddie Murphy, Redman and Andre 3000.

boonie-mayfield-ho-680I’m not even going to attempt to unravel the story-line or central theme of this short film, but if you’ve read the artist names from which it is blended, you know you’re in for a hilarious, larger-than-life, over-the-top, visual extravaganza, with a slight twist at the end.

What you won’t be expecting is the cinematographic quality Boonie and film director Stuart Marchetti have achieved here. Often creative qualities are smothered by the lack of technical expertise, especially in low budget indie productions. This doesn’t happen here, as these two creative minds find a nice balance that will enthrall most audiences.

Not to be overlooked is the music that plays as the soundtrack to the film. Composed and executed by Boonie Mayfield, the organic soundscapes are funky, soulful and kicking with energy. Lastly, a note of mention has to be made for Boonie’s performance as the leading, and other characters – extravagantly and obnoxiously perfect!

MORE ABOUT: Solomon Vaughn, aka Boonie Mayfield, aka Boon Doc, hails from Colorado, USA and rose to internet stardom by performing live Hip Hop beats on his MPC 1000 and sharing the performances on Youtube, before doing so became a thing. After being robbed of almost all of his equipment Boonie Mayfield managed to re-emerge as a multi-instrumentalist who no longer depended on sampled material, creating his own music instead. Something many of his old fans did not appreciate. But Boon stuck to his new-found guns and started rebuilding his reputation as an original producer and performer.


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