INTERVIEW: The Story of Sleepy Three Times

Thank you for your time and for speaking with us! How’s everything going?

Sleepy Three Times: I have no complaints right now, my music is finally gaining traction and people are reaching out. It’s a good feeling when even one person tells me they dig my sound.

What is the story behind your name ‘Sleepy Three Times’?

Sleepy Three Times: Believe it or not, it was just Sleepy at first. But I realized a lot of rappers already did this. So I threw three times at the end to let em know I’m coming that much harder than the rest of em.

What sets your music apart? What is unique, or at least uncommon?

Sleepy Three Times: I think it’s my voice honestly, it’s weird and I never liked it. But my listeners tell me otherwise, that’s usually the first compliment I get when someone new hears my music. That my voice is deep or smooth, it’s cool I guess now that I’m putting it to good use. I have a very sporadic flow, I try not to stick to cadence.

Tell us about your Ep ‘Weird Voice Vol. 1’ and who or what inspired it.

Sleepy Three Times: Around 9th grade my voice dropped and it was drastic. To this day it bothers me how weird my voice is, it’s not that it’s so deep in my eyes. The songs on the ep were all written except ‘Not Gonna Lie’. Which in fact is the only new song on the ep, everything else was written & recorded over a year ago. The project is a small introduction, let people know this is just the beginning.

Who are your main musical influences?

Sleepy Three Times: I grew up listening to a lot of Busta Rhymes, Mos Def, and DAS EFX too. But my beat selection definitely comes from a mix of Najubes (ambient melody) with Kanye (kicks) and a Pierre Bourne drum loop for the hats and snares. Yeah, that’s a perfect beat for me.

What are your musical plans for the next 12 months or so?

Sleepy Three Times: I have a regular schedule of dropping at least a song a week on SoundCloud. By the end of this year I plan to do the same thing but to all streaming platforms. In the next 4 months I plan to drop my debut album. 4 months later I plan to drop my second album and 4 months after I will drop my final album as Sleepy Three Times. Sadly the story of Sleepy Three Times is short but the story is worth it, for sure.

If you were to choose one artist, who would you collaborate with?

Lil Baby, I wanna go bar for bar too.


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