New Releases

Gary Lloyd Noland – “Gospel of Dysfunction” – audacity and boundless ambition!

Prepare to embark on a thrilling voyage into the realm of sonic eccentricity with Gary Lloyd Noland, a true avant-garde visionary who fearlessly shatters musical [more…]

New Releases

Arnaud Verdier – ‘Morning by the Sea’ distills his piano music to its purest aesthetic essence

Let your soul take flight on the ethereal notes of Arnaud Verdier’s debut single, ‘Morning by the Sea.’ At just 21 years old, this Montreal-based [more…]

New Releases

Forest Robots – “Horst & Graben” constructs haunting instrumental passages based on David George Haskell’s works

Emmasierra Songs and Elm Records recently presented “Horst & Graben”, the sixth album and second full length release of 2021 from Fran Dominguez aka Forest [more…]


Giulio Nightfall – the blending of technical wizardry, classical harmony and blistering blues showmanship


Giulio Nightfall is a guitarist, composer, poet, writer and Italian Luthier (most of his albums released were recorded with self-built guitars). Born in Treviso,Italy, he [more…]


Glitched Orchestrals: “Dances With Whales” – incorporating orchestral sounds into modern sonic environments


Glitched Orchestrals from London, is a classically trained, eighteen piece orchestra whose style is a hybrid of orchestral music fused with rock riffs and urban [more…]