New Releases

Dylan Tauber Dives Deep with ‘Dolphin Waves’: A Transcendental Electronic Odyssey


Dylan Tauber, the award-winning polymathic artist whose multi-dimensional creativity spans music, art, photography, and literature, emerges once more as a maestro in his latest musical [more…]


Michael A. Galianos drops the single and video of “Time of the Century” ft. Jenni Monday

Michael A. Galianos is a singer-songwriter from Bergenfield, NJ. In 1997 he kicked things off with the EP “Feel”, under the moniker of M.A.G. (Mad Ass Greecians). In [more…]

New Releases

Stories & Morals: “Read Between the Lines” – The riffs, vibe and subject matter all tick the boxes!

Stories & Morals is not simply a title, but singer/songwriter, Anthony’s way of expressing his life experiences through music. Growing up in Massachusetts, Anthony was [more…]